Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood
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Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

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April 12, 2024

In 2020, HEINEKEN Vietnam introduced Bia Viet, a brand that encapsulates the diverse and shared values of the Vietnamese people, offering a unique identity and taste that resonates with the nation. Bia Viet evolved over time, and by September 2023, a new version with a new look was released, offering deeper connections to Vietnamese culture in both taste and aesthetic appeal. Elmwood (Asia), an independent brand design consultancy, led the redesign with the mission of capturing the essence of Vietnam and establishing Bia Viet as the preferred choice among local beers.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

Bia Viet, nestled within HEINEKEN's array of regional and local offerings, is deliberately brewed to resonate with Vietnam's thriving beer culture. As the country's most popular beverage, beer is an integral part of the community and daily life. HEINEKEN Vietnam's brewmasters have refined Bia Viet to not only align with this cultural affinity but also to lead amidst a dynamic mix of competitors. Targeting a broad consumer demographic, Bia Viet's enhanced flavor and modernized packaging are strategic moves aimed at increasing market share. This brand is not just meeting the existing demand but is set to rival other local favorites, capturing the authentic Vietnamese experience in every bottle.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

The revamped Bia Viet brand design breathes new life into its visual identity with a bold red dominating the palette, a color that echoes the heart of Vietnam. This significant shift from the previous silver aesthetic sets a vibrant stage for the iconic Lac bird and yellow star, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. The design introduces a striking diagonal split, where red meets white, symbolizing a fusion of tradition and modernity, energy and purity, creating a dynamic backdrop that reflects the brand’s renewed spirit.

The new logo further distinguishes Bia Viet, moving away from the former V-shaped shield to incorporate a star, alongside the Chim Lac bird in new look, to create a unique and recognizable emblem. The evolution of Bia Viet's branding is also reflected in the typography. The brand name now boasts sharp, clean edges, aligning with the star's points, with all shadows and highlights removed for a sleek, flat black text presentation. The letter 'A' is particularly tailored with a sharp triangle, echoing the star's edge, ensuring every component of the logo is interconnected and cohesive.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

Complementing the logo's modernity, the traditional Dong Son drum patterns are intricately woven into the design, lending a sense of historical depth and adding a rich texture to the brand's vibrant red hues. This interplay between the old and the new is a testament to Bia Viet's commitment to its roots while striding confidently into the future.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

The reinvigorated logo of Bia Viet takes center stage across a multitude of brand touchpoints, establishing a strong, unified presence that extends from the digital realm to the tangible world. Its rollout has been comprehensive, gracing everything from social media platforms to offline advertisements, store signage, and even the uniforms worn by employees. This consistent application of the logo encapsulates the high-flying aspirations of Bia Viet and its stellar quality.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

Bia Viet's bottles now feature a vibrant green, a nod to the beer's freshness, while its cans are wrapped in new packaging adorned with Dong Son drum patterns, marrying tradition with a modern touch. This uniform brand refresh, which spans both bottles and cans, signals Bia Viet's premium and refreshing identity, ensuring that every sip is a testament to its rich Vietnamese heritage and its contemporary spirit. With this visual update present across all touchpoints, Bia Viet strengthens its position as the quintessential Vietnamese beer for the modern era.

Bia Viet by Heineken Vietnam new logo and visual identity X Elmwood

"The New Bia Viet exemplifies our commitment to prioritize consumers at the forefront of HEINEKEN Vietnam, as well as Bia Viet’s aspiration to become the national beer brand that stands for all Vietnamese people across the nation. Carrying ‘truly Vietnamese’ taste, identity and introduced through a first-of-its-kind communication campaign, the all-new Bia Viet will be elevated to become a beloved beer brand of all Vietnamese moving forward.”

Ms. Anna Bizon - Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Vietnam

Ultimately, Bia Viet's rebranding is an exemplary model for how an international brand can genuinely connect with the Vietnamese community. By thoughtfully incorporating elements steeped in Vietnam's cultural heritage into its brand essence, Bia Viet has managed to capture the hearts of local consumers. The brand has transcended being  just a beverage option to become an emblem of national pride. With its rebranding, Bia Viet deftly blends time-honored tradition with a fresh, modern appeal, ensuring that each Bia Viet experience is a true reflection of Vietnam's vibrant spirit.


Saurabh Singh, Jessica Young, Lisa Balm, Leandro Crispim, Jonathan Lee, Patrick Ng

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Bia VIet
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Brand Refresh
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September 2023
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