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Building Coffee new logo, visual identity and packaging
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Building coffee's future

Building Coffee new logo, visual identity and packaging

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Last updated on
August 15, 2023

Founded in 2016 in Saigon by coffee expert, Will Frith, along with his partner, Kel Norman, Building Coffee has made a distinct mark in the specialty coffee scene of Vietnam. Starting its operations as a co-roasting space and a coffee roaster, it provided a nurturing platform for local brands to flourish. The ambition behind this venture was to foster the growth of homegrown brands, empowering them to outshine and surpass their initial potential. With a commitment to promoting high-quality, single-origin coffee and advocating for equitable relationships across the entire supply chain, Building Coffee has matured into a respected wholesale coffee roasting business. Today, it serves as a launchpad, a community, and a testing ground for many emerging coffee brands in Vietnam.

Building Coffee's main logo.

Building Coffee, led by Will Frith, has played a pivotal role in fostering the specialty coffee culture in Saigon. By blending global expertise, hands-on instruction, and superior machinery, the brand has become a magnet for local coffee entrepreneurs, solidifying its position as an industry cornerstone. Building Coffee goes beyond just roasting and supplying top-quality coffee; it democratizes knowledge and resources, providing its clients with the tools necessary for success. Offering comprehensive services that span sourcing, roasting, quality control, and barista training, Building Coffee supports the growth of coffee businesses and elevates the specialty coffee experience for the end consumer.

Will Frith's journey to find the best Vietnamese coffee, from Da Lat to Building Coffee in Saigon.
Will Frith's journey to find the best Vietnamese coffee, from Da Lat to Building Coffee in Saigon.

Recognizing the unique value proposition that Building Coffee offers, it became clear that their existing brand image wasn't fully capturing or communicating this strength. This led to the realization of the need for a robust, resonant identity that could truly express their distinctiveness. To address this challenge, they embarked on a rebranding journey, which led to a fresh launch in March 2022. This rebranding process aimed to not only clarify and fortify their identity but also inject the brand with additional personality and vibrancy. This renewed identity, combined with their mission "Better Coffee For More People," and effectively communicates the essence and spirit of the brand.

Building Coffee is a hub for knowledge sharing and coffee exploration.
Building Coffee is a hub for knowledge sharing and coffee exploration.

A critical aspect of the rebranding was a thoughtful adjustment to the brand name. The shift from the nondescript "building" to the more comprehensive "Building Coffee" has brought about a remarkable improvement in their brand identity. This small yet powerful change in the name has enhanced clarity, succinctly encapsulating the brand's dedication to the entire coffee-making process - from bean sourcing to delivering the perfect brew. Moreover, Building Coffee underwent a significant visual transformation. Once adorned with a simple black and white palette, the brand bravely adopted coral as its signature color, infusing a fresh, vibrant, and modern look into its identity. This vivid color, harmoniously paired with classic black and white, forms the primary brand colors. Then later, to enrich the packaging design (which will be explained later), more colors were introduced.

New graphic identity components for "Building Coffee"
New graphic identity components for Building Coffee.

The transformative journey of Building Coffee's branding extended to the logo as well. The logo saw a noteworthy transition from a slab font to a refined stencil font, introducing a unique style imbued with elegance. The stencil typography, marked by crisp curves and circular serifs, delivered a polished, chic aesthetic. This departure from the previous font not only enhanced the brand's visual appeal but also aligned Building Coffee more closely with BEL Cafe, another venture helmed by the same founders. This consistency in typography fostered a unified brand ecosystem, thereby strengthening the overall brand identity and instilling greater trust and credibility.

Building Coffee branded totes in Coral and with the new logo.

Expanding on the new logo, Building Coffee introduced new graphic elements derived from deconstructing the wordmark. This creative strategy expanded the potential for engaging design across various brand touchpoints, such as packaging, banners, and physical spaces. This design strategy took full advantage of the chosen stencil typeface, which is easy to break apart yet capable of maintaining the original typeface's DNA — and by extension, the brand logo's DNA. These unique shapes, when paired with vibrant colors and captivating photography,they builds intersting compositions. This innovative yet simple approach amplified Building Coffee's overall visual narrative while preserving a distinct connection to the core brand identity.

The completely new graphics are vibrant and interesting.

In terms of product packaging. Building Coffee, with its wide selection of coffee bean blends, introduced a vivid, color-coded labeling system to represent the origin of the coffee. Magenta labels represent Asia, primarily Vietnam, blue signifies Africa, green symbolizes South America, and yellow labels are used for mixed-origin blends. These vibrant labels harmonize brilliantly with the brand's colors.

The color labeling system of Building Coffee.

To market these diverse blends effectively, they utilize realistic yet dynamic imagery that visually echoes the unique flavors of each blend. For instance, a chocolate bar image indicates a chocolatey blend, a cherry tree suggests a cherry blend, and so on. This strategic blend of color and imagery, consistently applied across their promotions, enhances the customer experience and reinforces the brand's commitment to quality and transparency. We admire this thoughtful and effective design strategy, which seamlessly blends visual appeal with practical information.

Examples of images that accurately reflect the blends' flavors and aromas.
Examples of images that accurately reflect the blends' flavors and aromas.

Building Coffee has cleverly extended their creativity to the packaging of their drip sets, delivering on-the-go coffee convenience. Their 'Coffee Mood' line is an exciting exploration of Vietnamese coffee, featuring unique and playful blends that reflect distinct moods such as "wholesome," "wise," "cheeky," and "bittersweet". Abstract illustrations are used to bring each mood to life visually on the packaging, with a color scheme that aligns with the brand's label system. This thoughtful design strategy not only evokes specific emotions but also facilitates a seamless choice for consumers.

Coffee Mood by Building Coffee packaging design.

On the other hand, the 'Rice Studios Blend' line, a collaborative effort with Rice Studios, showcases a blend of 100% Vietnamese fine Arabicas, a daily drink at Rice Studios. Its design approach significantly differs, favoring natural kraft packaging with a simple yet elegant typography layout. The Building Coffee logotype wraps around the box, brilliantly exhibiting the new logo's versatility and the selected typeface's visual appeal, thereby reinforcing the brand's refreshed identity.

Rice Studios Blend X Building Coffee packaging.

All in all, Building Coffee's rebranding effort exemplifies a transformative milestone that injects a vibrant personality into the brand and strengthens its unique market positioning. By embracing a dynamic color palette, reimagining the logo, and creative packaging, Building Coffee has elevated its presence in the specialty coffee landscape. This new identity not only maintain their commitment to sourcing and roasting quality coffee but also underscores their dedication to supporting the growth of coffee entrepreneurs. Effectively tackling future challenges and opportunities, the reimagined Building Coffee is ready to brew its legacy in the ever-evolving global coffee industry.

The team of Building Coffee.

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Building Coffee
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March 2022
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Building Coffee
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