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In the heart of Saigon, Building Coffee has transformed our relationship with coffee through their innovative 'Coffee Mood' line.  This unique collection delves deeper than mere flavor, offering blends expertly designed to resonate with a wide range of human emotions. Building Coffee understands that the coffee we choose often mirrors our mood, providing a moment of reflection within our daily ritual.

Coffee Mood by Building Coffee packaging design.

To make this experience even more accessible, Building Coffee's 'Coffee Mood' line brilliantly utilizes the drip paper format. This empowers you to savor exceptional coffee with unparalleled ease.  Whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or new to the world of specialty brews,  this format offers consistently great quality without complicated equipment – just hot water and a mug!

Coffee Mood drip coffee packaging design

Building Coffee's dedication shines through in the meticulous creation of the 'Coffee Mood' line. Blends like "Wholesome," "Wise," "Cheeky," and "Bittersweet" aren't just names; they are a gateway to a more mindful coffee ritual. Building Coffee demonstrates a unique ability to weave tradition and innovation, forging a community where coffee isn't merely a beverage but a true sensory experience.

Coffee Mood drip coffee packaging design

The 'Coffee Mood' line further distinguishes itself with its beautiful, intuitive design. Abstract illustrations and a color palette thoughtfully chosen for each mood visually express the essence of the coffee within. This clever packaging doesn't just protect the product – it transforms the selection process into a journey of self-discovery. Vibrant colors and symbolic imagery help you instantly connect with the blend that suits your current feeling.

Coffee Mood drip coffee packaging design

The enthusiastic reception of the 'Coffee Mood' line highlights Building Coffee's success at understanding the ever-evolving needs of coffee lovers. The brand stands out by focusing on the emotional connection we have with our daily brew. As Building Coffee continues its journey, the 'Coffee Mood' line  will undoubtedly serve as a landmark achievement, a symbol of  the company's mission to make exceptional coffee accessible and engaging  for everyone.

Coffee Mood drip coffee packaging design

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Coffee Mood
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Nov 2022
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