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"You Don’t Know Vietnam" is an engaging podcast tailored to introduce global brands to business experiences within the Vietnamese market. Hosted by Ian Paynton, the co-founder of We Create Content (WCC), the podcast's artwork has been visually redesigned to align with WCC's latest rebranding in March 2023, undertaken by the Collective Design Agency.

You Don’t Know Vietnam podcast artwork X Collective Design Agency

The updated design features vibrant colors, modern typography, and dynamic shapes that resonate with Vietnam's unique spirit. The main podcast cover cleverly incorporates the Vietnamese flag colors to show its connection to the country. nation. Meanwhile, the episode thumbnails showcase a blend of the brand's new colors, creating a captivating and cohesive look.

You Don’t Know Vietnam podcast artwork X Collective Design Agency

Whether on the speaker quotes or episode thumbnails, the typography remains consistent. Major headings are crafted in Quincy CF, while Be Vietnam Pro used for descriptive text, offering a sleek visual symphony. with combining this typography and colors with the unique WCC's graphic elements which comes in set of stylized shapes, give each episode its personality, yet they all unmistakably belong to the WCC brand.

You Don’t Know Vietnam podcast artwork X Collective Design Agency

The result is a harmonious fusion of design and intent, offering a fresh, eye-catching appearance that seamlessly translates across various podcast platforms. This visual enhancement doesn't just boost user engagement; it becomes a testament to the full potential of WCC's new visual identity. By brilliantly extending their design capabilities to this artwork, WCC demonstrates their innovative approach and versatility. This isn't simply about making "You Don't Know Vietnam" more visually appealing; it's a bold statement of WCC's unwavering commitment to bringing the essence of local narratives to an international stage.

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You Don’t Know Vietnam by WCC
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We Create Content
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Mar 2023
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Podcast Artwork
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