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In the bustling markets and quiet corner stores across Vietnam, the newly rebranded Bia Viet bottles and cans are catching eyes and inviting tastes. As Bia Viet reveals its modernized design, the packaging plays a crucial role in telling the brand's refreshed story, one that's deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture and zest for life.

The Bia Viet brand refresh extends to its cans, which now boast a dynamic new look. Adorned with the iconic Lac bird, a symbol woven into the fabric of Vietnamese folklore, these cans do more than hold beer—they tell a tale. Accompanying the Lac bird is the revered star and the traditional Dong Son drum patterns, enriching the backdrop with layers of Vietnamese heritage. Each can, therefore, becomes a handheld piece of history, allowing drinkers to savor both the beer and the story it represents.

This revitalization is echoed in the bottles' transition to a vibrant green, signifying the beer's crisp, invigorating essence. More than just a shift in design, this color change underscores Bia Viet's dedication to quality, embodying the brand's promise of a premium beer that's as refreshing as Vietnam's lush landscapes.

Bia Viet offers its signature brew in 330ml cans, 355ml bottles, and convenient 12- and 24-can cartons, catering to a variety of occasions and consumer preferences. This range reflects the brand's understanding of its diverse audience, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect way to enjoy a Bia Viet.

Ultimately, the new Bia Viet packaging is more than a container for a popular beverage; it's a symbol of national pride that resonates with the Vietnamese people's identity. It’s a seamless blend of tradition with a contemporary twist, ensuring that with every Bia Viet in hand, you're not just holding a beer, you're holding a piece of Vietnam. Through this rebranding, Bia Viet has not only maintained its position as a beloved beer but has also elevated its status to a cultural icon, ready to be savored by beer lovers and patriots alike.


Saurabh Singh, Jessica Young, Lisa Balm, Leandro Crispim, Jonathan Lee, Patrick Ng

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Bia Viet
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Bia VIet
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Sep 2023
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