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Laha Coffee new logo and visual identity

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April 27, 2024

Laha Coffee, known as the machine coffee king, has evolved from its humble beginnings in 2012 as a roadside Styrofoam box to a successful brand with over 70 stores across five provinces in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Tien Giang, and Hue. The company's recent rebranding signifies its commitment to organic farming standards, sustainable practices, and community support, all embodied in the new brand message, "Taking Care of Mother Earth."

The Laha Coffee bean logo has been transformed to a tree logo.

Lam Ha, a district in Lam Dong province, is the birthplace of Laha Coffee and the origin of its name, LAHA being an acronym for Lam Ha. Lam Ha is not only home to Laha Coffee's farm, roasting factory, and purchasing center but also the hometown of Hoang Viet, founder and CEO of Laha Coffee. The brand's new logo maintains the image of coffee beans from the old logo while introducing the sprout, rise, and brilliant development from the soil, signifying long-term growth.

2022, after ten years of establishment and development and four years of perseverance and determination to invest in farming according to organic standards, Laha Coffee was honored to receive simultaneous Organic certification from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic) and the European Union (EU Organic). Laha is proud to be the first take-away coffee chain in Vietnam to own an organic coffee growing area granted by the US and Europe. This achievement has helped gain the trust and cooperation of local farmers in farming and harvesting according to Laha's standards. They even updated the slogan from "Just Good Coffee" to "Just Better Coffee" to highlight Laha Coffee's new bold and strong ambation.

The evolution of Laha Coffee's logo over time

Laha Coffee's new logo features a lighter, more vivid shade of green, bringing a fresh, modern look to the brand. Building upon the old logo's coffee bean imagery, Laha's new logo seamlessly transitions from the coffee bean to a young tree, symbolizing the natural progression of growth from the bean planted in the soil. This design choice represents long-term growth and the company's commitment to "Taking Care of Mother Earth." The word "Cafe" has been replaced to "Coffee," making it easier to associate with both coffee shops and coffee goods. They also switched from the original script typeface to an extra bold clean geometric grotesques style that is easily recognized from far away and ideally conected to the brand's new tree symbol, result in an attractive combination logomark that stand-out and easy to remember.

The new Laha Coffee cup design
The new Laha Coffee cup design.

The updated visual identity extends to the brand's coffee shop design, incorporating the new lighter and more vivid shade of green on cups, signage, and other branded elements. The new design approach utilizes more white space and a brighter aesthetic, resulting in a fresh and modern appearance. The redesigned store interiors are described as "Beautiful, Wider, and More Classy," offering a welcoming environment for customers to enjoy Laha's organic coffee, embodying the belief that Vietnamese people deserve a high-quality start to their day.

Laha Coffee's new look, as well as the new workwear design
Laha Coffee's new look, as well as the new workwear design.

Laha Coffee's rebranding marks a turning point in the company's journey towards creating prosperity for Vietnamese coffee, products, and people. Embracing organic standards and sustainable practices, Laha Coffee is well-positioned to lead the industry in a new, environmentally conscious direction, ensuring that Vietnamese people can enjoy organic coffee as they start their day.

The newly redesigned look of Laha Coffee.
The newly redesigned look of Laha Coffee.

The rebranding signifies a key milestone in Laha Coffee's journey to promote prosperity for Vietnamese coffee. The updated messaging, logo, and visual identity effectively convey the company's dedication to sustainability and organic practices. The new logo, evolving from a coffee bean to a young tree, symbolizes long-term growth and commitment to "Taking Care of Mother Earth." With a revitalized visual identity and store design, Laha Coffee is poised for continued expansion, championing organic coffee throughout Vietnam.

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