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GIONG cafe logo, identity, and packaging X gm creative

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July 1, 2024
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Giong Cafe is a specialty coffee cafe that has been around since 2020. The cafe mainly represents Vietnamese quality and culture, and we can see that in the visual identity, which was designed by gm creative. Its founders, who were childhood friends, aimed to bring Vietnamese quality to everyone within 60 years by focusing on their products and services, space, and network. Giong Café has grown to four locations, three in Saigon and one in Nha Trang, and is now regarded more than simply a coffee shop but also a workstation and a meeting place.

Giong Cafe main logo
Giong Cafe main logo
Gióng name was inspired by the Vietnamese idiom "Gióng trống mở cờ" which literally translates to "Giong beats the drum and opens the flag". It refers to a heroic and patriotic act of bravery and selflessness in the face of danger or adversity. The idiom originates from a legend in Vietnamese folklore about a man named Giong, who was a weak and sickly child but grew up to become a powerful warrior. According to the legend, when the country was threatened by foreign invaders, Giong mounted his iron horse, wielded his iron staff, and charged into battle. He beat his drum to rally the people and opened the flag to inspire them to fight back against the invaders.
Doi Tam Drum Village celebration.
Doi Tam Drum Village celebration

Giong Cafe's brand visual identity is like a cultural celebration, as represented by its logo, which is a symbol meant to demonstrate and interpret every detail of the traditional Vietnamese festival, from the festive outfit to the beating of the drums, and mix it with the sun and coffee. The logo represents the spirit of the legend of Giong!, who beat his drum to rally the people and inspire them to fight back against the invaders, and reflects Giong cafe's ideology of always moving forward to bring Vietnamese quality to everyone.

The Meaning of the Giong Cafe Symbol
The Meaning of the Giong Cafe Symbol

Giong Cafe is distinguished by its unique packaging, which features artistic illustrations inspired by Vietnamese traditional artwork. Three varieties of single-origin coffee and seven varieties of blended coffee, all with names and packaging inspired by aspects of Vietnamese culture, are offered by Giong Cafe. This high-quality Vietnamese coffee is sourced from local beans that are not well-known for their quality throughout the world, but the brand takes pride in introducing Vietnamese quality through its products to everyone.

Giong Cafe's single-origin coffee packaging features Vietnamese traditional style illustrations

The innovative initial packaging scheme of Giong Café
The innovative initial packaging scheme of Giong Café

Another factor contributing to Giong Cafe's success is its unique space design. The architecture emphasizes the idea that the old is still present in the new and that each branch has its own culture and history. Customers can enjoy a relaxing and focused atmosphere with music playlists of instrumental music while working, enjoying coffee at the bar, or meeting with a group. The space is divided into different areas, with each area having its own unique design, including an industrial mix design in vintage style for the working area and private rooms for groups of guests.‍

Giong 180 Ly Chinh Thang Space design - Inspired by Pho Binh, the front headquarters of the Saigon Rangers.
Giong 180 Ly Chinh Thang Space design - Inspired by Pho Binh, the front headquarters of the Saigon Rangers.

The baristas at Giong Cafe are enthusiastic about their work. They are always attentive to each guest's point of view and listen carefully to what they have to say. This close and honest service stems from the way Vietnamese people have conducted themselves for generations. This dedication to the customer experience and cultural values is reflected in the brand's touchpoints, reminding customers of the significance of cultural heritage.‍

Cafe Giong Baristas and Their Visual Representation

Finally, Giong Cafe's visual identity is the drumming that echoes cultural heritage as a result of its emphasis on quality, customer experience, and cultural values. By offering a unique cultural experience with high-quality coffee, Giong Cafe has been able to attract and retain a loyal customer base. The brand's story serves as a successful branding case study for designers and entrepreneurs who want to create a business with a strong cultural identity and commitment to customer experience.

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