Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon
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Pastry should be like love

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

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July 17, 2024
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Bakes, which began as an online French patisserie in 2015, has instilled the essence of love into each pastry. By 2023, the brand's growth strategy will have resulted in the establishment of three major branches in Saigon. Bakes' visual identity has evolved to meet the demands of its expanding operations, which include new products, flavors, and menus. The brand, designed by The Lab Saigon, is operated by The Lab Concepts and nowdays employs nearly 100 people.

Bakes set out on a culinary adventure with the goal of making French pastries accessible to everyone. As the core of their offerings, the brand prioritizes natural, preservative-free ingredients, a preference for local fruits, and a compelling dine-in experience at each location. Bakes continuously improves and expands to better serve its customer base, from its first flagship store near Turtle Lake to its second location replacing Shadow Lounge at the Del Sol flagship on Pasteur Street, to launching a subsequent flagship in Thao Dien in 2023.

The most recent visual identity refresh was completed with the opening of the latest flagship location in 2023. The Lab Saigon team kept features developed in previous years while introducing new elements to continually breathe new life into the brand's look and adapt to demands as the business reached new horizons. The latest design system that cleverly merged everyday needs (like a loaf of bread!) and special occasions (like birthdays! ), spanning from branding to interior architecture and echoing the brand's ethos: "Pastry should be like love: exciting, thoughtful, honest."

The typography components and the logo - a wordmark in the custom typeface Bakes Sans - remain unchanged. The emphasis in this update was on adding personality through the use of vibrant colors, illustrations, and witty copywriting. Personality and context took priority over strict consistency as these design elements portray Bakes as an honest brand with a design system that aligns with their products.

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

The most noticeable difference was the shift in the color palette from natural, muted colors to a more energetic, colorful approach, with the brand color now used where it truly matters. This shift was influenced by the birthday collection identity introduced in 2022, and these colors are now applied across all brand touchpoints and standard packaging. 

Moving on to packaging, a variety of shapes of branded bags, boxes, cups, and jars are carefully designed to fit each of the brand's products while also making it gift-worthy when desired. Packaging for everyday baked goods has remained simple and approachable. Different materials were used alongside with Kraft paper focusing on packaging that is not only travel-friendly but also, whenever possible, biodegradable.

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon
Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

We also liked the updated uniform design, which included a new navy blue hat and apron for pastries, as well as workwear for waiters and waitresses in navy blue and white stripes, referencing the French "Marinière" fashion style, emphasizing the vibe and providing a more stylish dining experience for customers.

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

More icons and illustrations are now used by the brand, especially for signs. Bakes' expanded illustration and new iconography are intended to stand out in a variety of different formats. When combined with cheeky copywriting, these elements add a layer of personality to the simple design

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

The application of the new identity showcases flexibility and innovation. Features such as the customizable stamping system for product cards demonstrate adaptability as the brand continues to develop new creations. Furthermore, for greater operational flexibility, the brand introduced a swappable signage and wayfinding system on rails, as well as reusable gift boxes.

Everything we discussed about Bakes' visual identity evolution over the last eight years is brilliantly displayed at its latest flagship location, Bakes Thao Dien, an over 1000m2 dedicated to baking. Every corner reveals the brand's distinct personality, with colorful flags, appealing typography, and extensive use of illustrations guiding customers through this extensive three-floored facility. This location also added two new offerings to its menu: an a la carte brunch menu and a collection of signature cocktail and drinks.

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon
Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon
Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

Bakes' journey from 2015 to 2023 narrates a story of exquisite taste, elegant design, and brand evolution, all bound together by an unchanging ethos of offering exciting, thoughtful, and honest pastries, akin to the expression of love, adding their mark to the Vietnamese market.

Bakes refreshed visual identity 2023 X The Lab Saigon

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Bakes French Pastry
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Brand Refresh
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April 2023
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Creative Direction: Tuan Le | Graphic Design: Nghi Tran, Jun Kohmura, Trang Dinh | Illustration: Huong Ngo, Reo Le | Graphic Support: Xuan Phan | Spatial Design: Gia Tu Tran, Tram Dang, Tomas Tran, Jean Huynh | Draftman: Hiep Tran | Strategic Partnership: Phuong Anh, Duy Lam | Procurement: Hanh Le, Tam Chau, Hai Nguyen, Hai Uyen Huynh, Huyen Huynh | Producer: Kai Le | Uniform: Portrait | Construction: Tbd Construction | Furniture: Lab, District Eight Design, Hay Denmark | Tiles Supplier: | Documentation: Kho Qua Studio, Do Sy | Business Support: Bryan Doan, Lab HR

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