Highlands Coffee new logo and visual identity X Happiness Saigon
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Highlands Coffee new logo and visual identity X Happiness Saigon

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April 28, 2024

Highlands Coffee was founded in 1999 out of a deep love for Vietnam, its people, and the rich taste of coffee. Starting with packaging coffee products in Hanoi, the brand has since grown into a well-known name, with over 600 stores dotting every corner of Vietnam. After over 23 years of history and with the help of Happiness Saigon, Highlands Coffee recently refreshed its brand's visual identity and logo. The new branding stays true to the company's history and roots while taking a more community-focused approach.

Changing the look of Highlands Coffee's logo

The inspiration for the new logo came from its classic version. Whether viewed up close or far away, the oval-shaped emblem and the inside coffee bean symbol with a mountain and river remain unchanged. This iconic mark, however, has been updated with minimalist touches, and the previously used three colors (red, brown, and golden brown) have been simplified to just red with a transparent background, which increases adaptability against various background colors and conveys a sense of openness, modernity, and friendliness without being overbearing. Also, we can see the Yin and Yang principles embodied in the logo's composition, defining the harmonious balance of Vietnamese traditional heritage and modernity that characterizes Highlands Coffee.

The evolution of Highlands Coffee's logo over time

According to Happiness Saigon, the new brand message "Highlands is ours" was inspired by a famous lyric that every Vietnamese knows: "This Earth is ours." By involving the community at every step of the way, the brand has become a shared home for all diverse Vietnamese communities. From stores to packaging, the rebranding process was all about bringing Highlands Coffee back to where it belongs: the communities it serves.

This shift toward a focus on the community is part of the brand's larger rebranding strategy, which aims to give the brand new life and energy while keeping its core values. In response to COVID-19's isolation time, Highlands Coffee is making a bigger effort to help the people it serves, with the goal of getting back in touch with customers after a long time apart. The brand's new positioning is a mix of its natural commitment to quality and community with the clean minimalism of today.

Highlands Coffee key visual designed by Happiness Saigon

After launching the new branding of Highlands Coffee in collaboration with the FPDB branding photography studio, the brand's messaging was brought to life, focusing on adapting to Generation Z's lifestyle in Vietnam. The lifestyle photography project showcases the brand's unexpected innovation, with images and messages directed towards the young community. The series of photos aim to change habits and attract young customers who value dynamism and freedom, conveying a sense of warmth and belonging with bright and cozy tones.

Highlands coffee X FPDB lifestyle photography showcases
Highlands Coffee X FPDB lifestyle photography showcases

The key to the project's success was choosing the right context and activities for the product, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging for Generation Z customers. By capturing genuine and natural moments without scripting, the project successfully showcases the brand's youthful and dynamic image. The photographer's most important trick was to pretend to be friends with the people being photographed, helping to capture relaxed and natural moments.

Highlands Coffee X FPDB lifestyle photography showcases

With this new focus on community and adaptability, Highlands Coffee continues to be a part of everyone's daily life and normal habits, showing up everywhere from markets to offices. The refreshed branding and messaging reinforce the brand's commitment to its customers and community and make Highlands Coffee ready to keep growing and succeeding in the years to come.

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