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Phở Lành logo and visual identity

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Healthier pho, in gorgeous bowls

Phở Lành logo and visual identity

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June 11, 2023

In 2019, Phở Lành opened its doors with the goal of preserving the traditional flavor of the famous pho taste. With several locations around Hanoi, each one dedicated to the principles of "genuine green," "clean," and "healthy" and prepared to provide diners with an outstanding meals.

Phở Lành logo
Phở Lành logo

Green, clean, and healthy ingredients, as well as every tool and material, are carefully selected according to environmentally friendly criteria, such as the use of PLASTICpeople materials in the dining area, all contribute to creating a very HEALTHY experience for all diners.

Phở Lành restaurant
The exterior look of Phở Lành restaurant

Large traditional beautiful bowls, which have become the restaurant's signature look, are used not only for serving pho but also as interior decorations.

Extra-large, traditionally gorgeous Pho Lanh bowls
Extra-large, traditionally gorgeous Pho Lanh bowls

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Phở Lành's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Phở Lành
Casual Dining
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
July 2019
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Phở Lành
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