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Brides by Olivia new logo and identity X Xolve

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Momentous life transition

Brides by Olivia new logo and identity X Xolve

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June 16, 2023

Brides by Olivia, sometimes known simply as Brides, is a dress shop established in Vietnam that has retail locations in both Saigon and Hanoi and specializes in high-end bridal gowns from renowned worldwide designers. Brides failed to express the spirit of their brand and the services they provide, despite the extraordinary quality and excellence of both. Because of this, Brides was mostly forgotten by its core audience and couldn't be easily distinguished from its competitors. When xolve was brought in to help, Brides was able to rediscover its brand's purpose and improve its brand communication in all of its many forms.

Set in modern serif typeface, Bigilla brings together sinuous, curving letterforms and tailored typography that shows the beauty of elegance. The customized “letter B” alludes to the infinity symbol, indicating eternal love and personal empowerment. Rotating “letter B” reveals a Masquerade mask, which signifies authority, mystery, charm, and inside beauty. As an enchanting contrast, golden yellow and deep tale have created harmonious visuals while integrating the spirit of the marriage ceremony.

Brides by Olivia case study

Creative Director: Khoa Huynh / Project Manager: Linh Phan / Brand Designer: Thanh Binh,Khoa Huynh / 3D & Motion: Milan Le, TraTran, Quynh Ai, Jackbae / Copywriter: Doan Thuc,Minh Chau / Assistant: Khanh Linh / Bride: DạMiêu, Lisa Bùi / Videography: The Vow Films / Photography: ĐỗSĩ, SồiPhotography / Stylist: PhạmVăn Tâm / Make-up: PhucHuynh / Suit Casa: Piani / Print production: Cropmarks

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Brand name
Brides by Olivia
Wedding Gown
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
June 2021
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Brides by Olivia
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