HDBank introduced the Muadee sub-brand, designed in-house
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HDBank introduced the Muadee sub-brand, designed in-house

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June 11, 2024

Muadee is a sub-brand of HDBank that offers a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) app and service developed in-house by HDBank. Launched in August 2022, Muadee by HDBank aims to provide a more accessible and appealing payment solution for the younger generation, inspired by Vietnam's vibrant market culture.

Muadee by HDBank sub-brand animated logo.

HDBank's in-house team designed Muadee's brand identity, focusing on creating a logo that exudes optimism. A customized, handwritten typeface, drawn with a chunky round marker, provides both attention-grabbing boldness while still being legible. The primary color, yellow, links Muadee to its parent company, HDBank, while azura, a color between cyan and blue, adds vibrancy to the palette. This bright color scheme positions Muadee as a young and exciting brand.

Muadee by HD Bank credit cards come in a variety of styles.
Muadee by HD Bank credit cards come in a variety of styles.

Muadee's visual identity is characterized by curvy lines that convey the ease and freedom of shopping with the BNPL service. Cartoonish 3D illustrations are used to communicate marketing messages effectively and appeal to the younge target audience. This combination of all elements creates a distinct look for the sub-brand, setting it apart from the more corporate and financial-focused design of HDBank.

Advertising concept and design for Muadee by HDBank.

Inheriting the professional finance, safety, and security from HDBank, Muadee by HDBank aims to simplify payment methods and enhance the shopping experience for its users. As the first "Make in Bank" financial technology application in Vietnam, Muadee by HDBank is committed to helping people achieve financial freedom easily.

Muadee by HD Bank app with 3D artwork for explanation
Muadee app with 3D artwork for service explanation.

Muadee by HDBank has successfully developed a sub-brand that resonates with the younger generation by combining the market culture of Vietnam with modern design elements. With its user-friendly BNPL services and engaging visual identity, Muadee by HDBank is poised to redefine the payment landscape in Vietnam.


Creative Direction: Ca Tran

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Brand name
Muadee by HDBank
Digital Banking
Financial Services
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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August 2022
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