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BoBaPoP tea bar latest logo and visual identity
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The French Bulldog rise again

BoBaPoP tea bar latest logo and visual identity

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Last updated on
June 13, 2023

Bobapop mascot logo system
Bobapop mascot logo system

Bobapop – opening its first store in Vietnam in early 2013, was the early stage before milk tea became a craze in people's hearts. At that time, the takeaway model was a new and popular model, so Bobapop decided to open the first takeaway store in Ho Chi Minh. Within 6 years Bobapop has grown tremendously, has more than 150 stores in Vietnam, and many branches expand not only at take-way but have spacious seats.

BoBaPoP hand drawing illustrations
BoBaPoP hand drawing illustrations

bobapop bubbles milk tea
bobapop bubbles milk tea

The latest KSOUL Studio design for Bobapop shop can be found on Ngo Gia Tu Street in Ho Chi Minh City. They took the traditional trademark hue of olive green and modernized it into a striking and fashionable shade of blue-gray. Highlight not only the store inside but also the front to help make the business stand out and draw in clients from the street.

Bobapop Ngo Gia Tu Street - Ho Chi Minh City, design by KSOUL studio

Brand name
Milktea Franchise
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Vietnam Market Entry
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February 2019
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latest visual identity

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