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Bliss Premium Gelato new logo and visual identity X Hai&Ikigai
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Certainly not just avocado

Bliss Premium Gelato new logo and visual identity X Hai&Ikigai

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Last updated on
August 18, 2023

Bliss Premium Gelato, established in 2020, is a Vietnamese brand known for its handcrafted gelato (Italian ice cream) and yogurt made from the finest, freshest ingredients. This local brand has gained popularity by operating primarily in large malls, offering a tempting variety of flavors. To stay competitive and better connect with their youthful, savvy, and trend-conscious target audience, Bliss partnered with Hai&Ikigai design and branding studio for a rebranding in 2022.

Bliss main logo
Bliss main logo

In order to achieve the desired look and feel for the brand, Bliss and Hai&Ikigai concentrated on crafting an approachable image while preserving the essence of a premium and handcrafted brand. One of the key objectives was to ensure that the new branding would be versatile across various sales channels and formats. Additionally, they tackled any limitations of the old branding image, such as the avocado mark in the logo, which could lead to misconceptions about the brand focusing solely on avocado products. This issue was addressed with the new logo and identity.

Package design for ice cream featuring the new Bliss branding
Package design for ice cream featuring the new Bliss branding

Bliss embraced the key principles of "Premium, Effortless, and Modern" during the rebranding process to define their new direction. The redesigned logo showcases an elegant yet bold "B" symbol, emphasizing the brand's strength. The new sharp, angular cuts give the logo a solid appearance, conveying maturity and confidence. Its minimalist approach adds a premium feel and transparency, effectively conveying trust in the product's quality.

Summary of Bliss Brand Guidelines
Summary of Bliss Brand Guidelines

The typography and colors were subtly updated to align with Bliss's new visual identity. They also introduced new graphic elements and illustrations, such as a cup and flowing ice cream, which are prominently featured in social media posts. These elements are combined with real-life imagery, showcasing the deliciousness of their products and highlighting the well-crafted and natural ingredients used in the process.

Realistic images of the ice cream making process

Throughout the rebranding process, great attention to detail was paid to ensure the new image accurately reflected the company's evolution and growth. The packaging design was revamped as well, with the Bliss logo at the top, followed by the flavor name and an image representing the flavor. This design helps establish Bliss in customers' minds as an appealing and memorable brand.

Details of the Bliss ice cream package design
Details of the Bliss ice cream package design

In the end, Bliss Premium Gelato's rebranding journey with Hai&Ikigai resulted in an effective branding strategy and a visually appealing identity that have helped Bliss connect with its customers and thrive in a competitive market.

Brand name
Ice Cream & Gelato
Food and Beverage
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Vietnam Market Entry
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October 2022
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latest visual identity

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