HiRaw new logo, visual identity and packaging X M — N Associates
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HiRaw new logo, visual identity and packaging X M — N Associates

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June 11, 2024

Established in early 2021, HiRaw is a leading supplier of high-quality raw pet food for both cats and dogs. They employ cutting-edge techniques in processing and packaging their products, with a focus on maintaining freshness—a challenging task with raw food. HiRaw selects only the finest ingredients for its pet food, which includes raw muscle meat, live organs, and backbones, as well as some veges. Aiming to distinguish itself from other dry and cooked pet food options in the Vietnamese market, HiRaw embarked on a rebranding initiative. M — N Associates was entrusted with the responsibility of creating a new visual identity for HiRaw, one that would effectively showcase the quality and freshness of its offerings.

HiRaw logo animation
HiRaw new logo animation.

With the launch of HiRaw's new branding in 2023, the revamped visual identity showcases a greener and more playful approach by elevating green from the old color palette to become the primary color identifier for the brand. This fresh take not only emphasizes the product's freshness but also helps the brand stand out and linger in the minds of consumers, as green is not commonly associated with animal-based food products. The logo retains its wordmark style but now features a customized typeface, a substantial upgrade from the previous version in every aspect. This new design breathes life into the logo, as seen in the clever incorporation of a pet tail into the exclamation mark—a truly pawsome touch!

HiRaw food for cats and dogs that is fresh and delicious.
HiRaw food for cats and dogs that is fresh and delicious.
HiRaw pet food photography X Minim Studio

Complementing the green primary color, HiRaw's new visual identity incorporates yellow and reddish-orange as secondary colors. These colors harmonize well with the green, creating an eye-catching and appealing aesthetic. The packaging cleverly uses these three colors to differentiate dog meals (green) from cat meals (yellow), with an option available for both pets (reddish-orange). In some instances, additional colors are incorporated to indicate the ingredients, such as blue tones for seafood. This thoughtful use of color not only makes it easy for customers to identify the right product for their pets, but also reinforces the fresh, vibrant, and distinctive nature of the brand.

HiRaw's new color palette and its application on packaging
HiRaw's new color palette and its application on packaging.

Naturally, we grew curious about how these colors would appear to our furry friends. So, we delved into research on the color vision of dogs and cats. The findings revealed an interesting insight: the focus of the color choices was indeed on the human buyers. Though our pets may not perceive these colors as we do, it was a delightful exercise to explore the HiRaw branding from our pets' eyes, highlighting the importance of considering all perspectives in the design process.

Pets' perspectives on the HiRaw package.

HiRaw's new visual identity introduces a unique, furry, and functional custom typeface, "MN RAW Rough." This attention-grabbing display font is perfect for prominent titles, and it seamlessly pairs with the pet illustrations and packaging. For the copy text, the brand smartly chooses "Holo" from NaN Studio. This typeface is reliable, human, and original, without being excessively loud. The combination of these two fonts strikes the perfect balance for the brand's communication.

New typefaces and a fresh typography for HiRaw.
New typefaces and a fresh typography for HiRaw.

To further enhance HiRaw's visual identity, M — N Associates developed a series of charming illustrations and icons to represent the brand's raw pet food offerings. These captivating visuals feature playful, hand-drawn depictions of cats and dogs, accompanied by icons representing various food sources such as chicken, cow, fish, and more. The illustrations are used across various touchpoints, including packaging, promotional materials, and the brand's website. They not only add a whimsical touch to the brand but also communicate the idea that pets enjoy their meals just as much as their human companions do.

HiRaw's illustrative approach and iconography.
HiRaw's illustrative approach and iconography.

HiRaw's new digital website design and interactivity
HiRaw's new digital website design and interactivity.

HiRaw and M — N Associates successfully reimagined the brand's visual identity, creating a fresh, playful, and captivating design that distinguishes the brand in the competitive Vietnamese pet food market. The new color palette, customized typefaces, and charming illustrations emphasize HiRaw's commitment to providing fresh and delicious raw pet food for cats and dogs. This cohesive and memorable visual identity appeals to pet owners, making it easy to identify HiRaw products and reinforcing the idea that our furry friends deserve enjoyable, nutritious meals.

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Creative Director: Duy — N | Design Director: Anh Nguyen | Digital Director: Anh Nguyen | Illustrator: Bảo Truong, Duy — N | Designer: Bảo Truong, Quan Nguyen  | Project Manager: M — Mai, Quan Nguyen | Typography: MN Raw - Type Associates by Bao Truong, Phúc Trần; NaN Holo by NaN | Photography: Minim Studio

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