Malto's new logo, visual identity and packaging X M — N Associates
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Malto's new logo, visual identity and packaging X M — N Associates

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May 23, 2024

In 2022, the market witnessed the launch of Malto, an innovative malted milk line birthed from its predecessor LOF. Envisioned and actualized by M — N Associates in collaboration with IDP's team, Malto debuted with a reimagined brand strategy, voice, unique cartoon characters, and a comprehensive branding system.

Instead of following the often-used themes of "teen leader" and "healthy teen," Malto has taken a unique route. With an identity that resonates with "happy teen choice," the brand aims to mirror the sentiments and aspirations of today's Asian youth. Its visual and verbal identity aims to capture the essence of youthful joy, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Malto's brand positioning is carefully crafted to resonate with the sensibilities of young consumers, positioning itself as the 'happy teen choice.' The brand isn't just selling malted milk; it offers an experience, a lifestyle, and, most importantly, an identity with which Asian teens can connect.

When it comes to the brand's logo, the design speaks volumes. It features curvy forms that look like they're in the act of rising, embodying aspirations and the desire to "fly high." This visual flair serves as a focal point on the packaging, ensuring that it captures immediate attention. In same time the lettering technique conveys a feel of friendliness and genuineness, synonymous with the brand's promise of being genuine and approachable.

The color scheme takes an unconventional path by embracing yellow, symbolizing vibrancy, and a youthful energy that is ready to challenge the status quo. This stands in stark contrast to the greens and oranges commonly used by competitors.

Typography plays a substantial role in how Malto communicates with its audience. The MN Malty custom font is characterized by rounded trapezoid stems that signify the concept of "growth." This is complemented by the NaN Hyena and LeOsler fonts for sub-headlines and body text, creating a balanced and engaging textual composition.

LOF introduced the MALTO new milk line X M - N Associates

And then there are the brand characters, affectionately known as The Malto Gang. These aren't just figures on a drink carton; they are cultural icons for the brand's target audience. Designed to captivate and resonate with young minds, they even feature in merchandise, animations, and collaborations. They are, in many ways, the real connection between the brand and its audience.

As for the brand's voice, it's as modern and youthful as the teens it caters to. By incorporating humor and the latest linguistic trends, the brand speaks the language of its audience. Research indicates that this approach is effective in keeping the brand at the forefront of teen consciousness.

Finally, the packaging is a strategic blend of minimalist design and maximalist emotion. It offers the brand characters a stage, while the backside features a variety of unique voices and witty remarks that not only entertain but also make the product experience more relatable and engaging.

LOF introduced the MALTO new milk line X M - N Associates

All in all, Malto isn't just a product; it's an experience tailor-made for today's Asian teens. With its clever branding elements, from the logo to the packaging, Malto sets itself apart in a competitive market. As it continues to resonate with a young audience, the brand is poised for growth and deeper engagement. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at how Malto continues to evolve and captivate the youth market.

LOF MALTO brand evolution
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Dairy & Nutritional Goods
Food and Beverage
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
August 2022
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LOF MALTO Case Study

Project Credits:

Creative Director Duy — N | Design Director Anh Nguyễn, Anh Phạm​​​​​​​ | Designer Phúc Trần, Giang Nguyễn | Digital Designer An Phạm | Content Director Quân Nguyễn | Character Concept & Illustrator Duy — N, Anh Phạm | Character Developer Monstio Studio, Phúc Trần, Giang Nguyễn | NaN Hyena by NaN | LeOsler by Antipixel | MN Malty by Type Associates | Photography | Portfolio Photography Wing Chan | Digital Retoucher An Nguyễn, Phúc Trần | Toy Manufacturer 8K Creative

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