Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus
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Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

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June 26, 2024
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In the verdant highlands of Northwest Vietnam, a story of transformation and passion unfolds with Minh Tien Group, a name that has become synonymous with innovation in the Vietnamese coffee industry. Born in 1991 as Minh Tien Coffee Import-Export Company Limited, this humble entity embarked on a journey that would redefine not just its own destiny but also the landscape of coffee production in Vietnam.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

Minh Tien Group's brand story is one of a visionary approach intertwined with the rugged, untamed beauty of Son La, a region that, until three decades ago, remained a hidden gem in the realm of coffee cultivation. The group's intervention in this idyllic locale was nothing short of revolutionary. Transforming the traditional practices of local farmers, Minh Tien introduced methodical care techniques and strict testing procedures, shifting the focus from mere raw coffee production to cultivating specialty Arabica coffee. This strategic pivot not only enhanced the quality of Son La's Arabica coffee but also placed it firmly on the global coffee map.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

However, the essence of Minh Tien Group extends beyond agricultural transformation. Their innovative mission includes embracing a circular economy model in coffee production, where every part of the coffee cherry is valued. This approach is a testament to Minh Tien Group's commitment to environmental stewardship and economic sustainability. It has led to a diverse range of products: aromatic green coffee beans for export; roasted, ground, and instant Coffilia coffee retail products; the Coffilia coffee shop chain; the innovative Ha Chuc Cascara tea derived from coffee fruit peel; Namigo – a biological product made from coffee grounds; and organic fertilizer made from coffee husks.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The latest turning point in Minh Tien Group's journey came about four years ago, on a seemingly ordinary Sunday, when a meeting with Bratus, a creative agency, was set in motion by the persuasive efforts of Thang, the son of Minh Tien's Chairman. Bratus's deep-rooted connection to coffee, symbolized by the coffee trees in their office, resonated with Minh Tien's own narrative—a narrative steeped in the dedication and love for the coffee hills of Northwest Vietnam.

This synergy laid the foundation for a partnership that would see Minh Tien Group's brand strategy evolve significantly. Bratus embarked on a comprehensive journey to understand the heart of the business. They traveled to Son La, met with farmers and local communities, and immersed themselves in the culture and lifestyle of the region. These experiences were pivotal in shaping the brand's new direction – one that not only highlighted its core values but also celebrated the collective spirit of the people behind the coffee.

Minh Tien Group, under the strategic guidance of Bratus, thus transformed into a beacon of innovation and community-oriented business practice. The brand did not merely undergo a visual makeover; it experienced a profound evolution in its identity, aligned with a mission that transcends the boundaries of traditional coffee business practices.

At the heart of Minh Tien Group's revamped strategy lay a simple yet powerful concept: "A meaningful brand that touches the community’s heart." This vision was not just a tagline; it was a reflection of Minh Tien's deep-seated commitment to enhancing the value of every stakeholder in the coffee production chain. Bratus played a pivotal role in crafting this strategy. They understood that for Minh Tien Group, coffee was more than a commodity; it was a cultural ambassador, a source of livelihood for farmers, and a symbol of Vietnamese pride.

"Enhancing value" was the guiding principle of this new brand strategy. Minh Tien Group sought to motivate and uplift every individual in the coffee value chain, from the growers to the consumers. This approach mirrored the elevation of the mountainous regions where the coffee was grown—a metaphor for the rising aspirations and enhanced quality of life brought about by Minh Tien's initiatives.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

Minh Tien Group's transformation was not just in its operational approach but also in how it presented itself to the world. The brand articulated itself as a master brand, a canopy under which various sub-companies and retail brands thrived. This brand house system was not just about creating a corporate hierarchy; it was about building a cohesive and synergistic empire where each entity contributed to and benefited from the overarching vision of Minh Tien Group.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The strategic solutions developed by Bratus for the Minh Tien Group were comprehensive and holistic. They encompassed everything from online and offline business identification to product packaging and coffee shop design. This methodical approach to branding was a significant departure from traditional practices in Vietnam's coffee industry. It showcased Minh Tien Group's commitment to setting new standards in brand building and its dedication to being a trailblazer in the industry.

This new logo marked a significant enhancement from its predecessors, featuring a distinctive letter mark based on the initial letter 'M'. Ingeniously crafted, this letter mark drew inspiration from the Highlands, the cradle of the brand's heritage. The design subtly mirrors the silhouette of two coffee beans, seamlessly connecting to form the 'M', symbolizing unity, origin, and the essence of the coffee journey.

Accompanying this lettermark is a meticulously designed wordmark, featuring a custom typeface with sharp corners and unique angles that reflect the local culture of the brand's birthplace, weaving in the narrative of Minh Tien Group's roots and its deep connection to the land and its people. This logo, therefore, stands not just as a brand identifier but as a storyteller, conveying Minh Tien Group's legacy and its forward-looking vision in every curve and line.

Typography played a significant role in Minh Tien Group's new brand identity. The chosen typefaces were not just visually appealing; they carried the heritage and culture of the brand. The typefaces were distinctive, powerful, and vibrant, much like the brand itself, and were based on the shapes of coffee beans and powder.

The color palette of Minh Tien Group's brand identity is deeply rooted in the coffee production journey, mirroring the lifecycle of the coffee cherry. Beginning with the fresh green of early-stage coffee cherries and the yellowish-green of raw beans, the palette transitions to the rich reds of ripe cherries and the warm browns of roasted beans, complemented by the distinctive hues of yellow bourbon and green catimor varieties. This thoughtfully curated palette not only reflects the brand's essence but also connects the visual identity to the very heart of coffee cultivation.

The design concept "Beans were born on the highland, at right latitudes" poetically captures Minh Tien Group's roots in Vietnam's highlands, a key aspect of its brand identity. This idea is creatively represented in the brand's imagery through elevation and latitude lines, reminding customers of the brand's origin and its journey from highlands to global coffee enthusiasts. Bratus cleverly employs these lines, which are central to the brand's visual expression. This design choice doubles as a narrative device, connecting the coffee's geographical journey with the brand's own story and symbolizing Minh Tien Group's ascent in the worldwide coffee market.

Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

The illustration style by Bratus reflects Minh Tien Group's brand personality, combining simplicity and effectiveness. One style features solid shapes with a grainy texture for a vintage feel, while the other uses stipple dots for depth and texture. Both are key in visualizing the brand's narrative, suitable for static and animated formats to vividly tell Minh Tien's story

Equally thoughtful was the verbal identity that Bratus created for the Minh Tien Group. Described as “inspired by closeness and endless passion,” it encapsulated the brand's commitment to authenticity and its deep connection to the coffee culture. This new brand system was designed to be adaptable across various platforms, ensuring that the brand's message resonated with diverse audiences, from local farmers to international partners.

The strategic solutions that Bratus brought to the table were holistic, considering not just the branding and marketing aspects but also the operational and experiential facets of the business. Through these efforts, Bratus ensured that every touchpoint of Minh Tien Group's brand was a reflection of its core values and strategic vision.

For Bratus, the branding project was more than just business; it was a journey of passion and creativity. The brand strategy and visual identity developed during this transformation were not just about giving Minh Tien a new look; they were about telling its story, a story of growth, sustainability, and passion for coffee. This approach sets Minh Tien Group apart, not just in Vietnam but in the global coffee landscape, as a brand that truly understands and values its roots and its journey.


Minh Tien Group new logo and visual identity X Bratus

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Brand Strategy: Jimmi Tuan | Project Manager: Hien Nguyen | Creative Director/Brand Designer: Jimmi Tuan | Data Collect: Alex Dang | Senior Designer: X-Hoang, Nam Nguy, Si Tran, Duc Bui, Alex Dang | Showcase/3D Animation: Si Tran, Le Quy, Nam Nguy | Story Board: Jimmi Tuan | Identity Film Motion: Si Tran, Le Quy, Khoa Nguyen | Photography: Marc Tran / Maki Studio 

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