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Okkio new logo and identity X Cho Choi Creative
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Okkio new logo and identity X Cho Choi Creative

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Okkio is a speciality coffee café that opened in Saigon in 2018 and has now grown to four locations. It is an excellent spot to gather and enjoy the art of coffee brewing in a casual atmosphere. In 2020, the Cho Choi team improved the visual design to better convey and preserve the brand essence, which is a blend of old-fashioned charm and futuristic modernism.

Mood board showcasing the artistic influence for Okkio Caffe's rebranding
Okkio Caffe main logotype and mark
At Okkio, where space and time are stretched out to be a hollow, either long or short, to any individuals, we are able to have such an “excuse” to dive deeper into the inner-self during that “precious time”. Consequently, we “FOUND” ourselves and have “BEEN FOUND” in these moments.

Okkio Caffe rebranding case study

Okkio different coffee shops locations
Okkio different coffee shops locations

Old-days Jazz culture and artwork were the major sources of inspiration for the brand's visual identity. The goal of the rebranding effort was to not only make the brand more memorable in the minds of consumers but also to extend the feel of the brand beyond its physical location. Okkio's new identity is dedicated to its spirit of "FOUND & BEEN FOUND," where you put yourself in the jazzy time-stretching atmosphere.

Okkio's jazzy typeface showcase animation

In terms of typography, they used a new custom-made bold typeface with modified counters, incorporated extreme ink traps, and experimented with irregular letter curves and edges. The stylish uppercase letters now decorate all Okkio's touch points with labels, including coffee mugs, bottles, paper bags, and product packaging.

in-depth look at Okkio typefaces
in-depth look at Okkio typefaces
The Okkio typeface is the visual identity of the coffee shop, encapsulating all of the jazzy elements that make Okkio unique. Each letters draws inspiration from Okkio's interior, with some letters featuring custom ink strap details that mirror the coffee shop's decor.

Okkio typeface casestudy

Okkio Caffe's baristas at their product showcase stand at an event.

The third location, Okkio Xuan Thuy, features a retro vibe inspired by the spatial characteristics of train carriages and a striking red exterior, both of which are hallmarks of the brand's new identity. The architecture design by REDS Studio was inspired by "2046," a popular film by director Vuong Ga Ve about a train that travels back in time from the year 2046.

" 2046 Train " | Red5studio's design for Okkio Caffe Xuan Thuy


Story, Tagline: Laint, Khunbleu | Type Design: Laint, Hiếu Lê Type Showcase: Ngọc Châu | Icon Design: Changbe, Laint | Motion Graphic: Khunbleu | Packaging: Laint, Viet Tran, Changbe | Product shoot: Okkio | Menu Photography & Retouch / Nam Nguyen | Interior & Architecture: Red5studio & Sgnha

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Speciality Coffee
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August 2020
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