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YTECO new logo and identity X Xolve

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Raising the bar for the medical industry

YTECO new logo and identity X Xolve

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Last updated on
June 30, 2023

YTECO has been a trusted name in Vietnam's health sector for 37 years, and its 11 branches have helped it gain widespread recognition. By the end of 2019, their total imports will have amounted to $150 million. YTECO has a network of over 2500 partners, ranging from hospitals and pharmaceutical firms to medical clinics and pharmacies. YTECO comes to xolve hoping to revamp their brand image in order to set themselves apart from competitors.

YTECO wordmark
YTECO wordmark
The red dot in the character “Y” represents the philosophy “take customer-centric” of YTECO, creating a human image wrapped in an arm. This represents the protection, care, and concern of the brand for health. At the same time, the stylized line in the letter Y also describes an uplifting gesture, aiming to improve the quality of the health sector in Vietnam. Our design team adjusted YTECO’s existing color palette to be brighter and more saturated. Blue evokes trust, responsibility, professionalism of the medical team while red conveys energy and passion for what they do.

YTECO Case Study
YTECO Brandbook
YTECO Brandbook

There are four types of customers that xolve has identified as interested in YTECO's products:
1. Import-export authorization: Domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies
2. Importing & trading homecare medical devices: Pharmacy chains and medical device dealers
3. Importing & trading medicines: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies
4. Distributing: Foreign enterprises that do not have a logistics system in Vietnam

They then developed YTECO's brand message to effectively represent these principles to its business partners. YTECO's mission is to provide its clients with the trust that they gain from using their goods, and the xolve communication theme aims to raise the bar for medical care in Vietnam.


Creative Director: Khoa Huynh / Project Manager: Linh Phan / Brand Designer: Thanh Binh, Khoa Huynh / Motion: Milan Le, Tra Tran / Copywriter: Doan Thuc, Minh Chau / Assistant: Khanh Linh

Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
YTECO's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Medical Equipment
Health & Wellness
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Project context
Release date
January 2022
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latest visual identity


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