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TooCha new logo and identity X M — N Associates
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Milktea Toooogether

TooCha new logo and identity X M — N Associates

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Last updated on
July 25, 2023

Toocha, a Taiwanese milktea brand established in Vietnam in 2005, lately they have expanded internationally. M - N Associates revamps Toocha into a more modern brand in preparation for its international development. An important part of Asian social life is the shared experience of drinking milk tea. The slogan "Toocha Toogether" was coined to embody the spirit of the new business and its cute advertising materials.

TooCha logo
The building of such a brand image is especially designed by team  M - N associates with many different layers of meaning with the two highlights. The first impression to be mentioned is "OO" in the word "TOO" of the brand name, which is seen as the image of two pearls - the typical identity of the milk tea industry. Based on this, in the general design of the store, Ksoul has gently integrated a few related symbols, by using glass tiles with symbolic circular motifs like pearls in milk tea. And the biggest difference of Toocha is the 07-degree tilt angle at the letters "OO" in the word "TOO", inspired by the name of the owner of this brand. Therefore, the main doors of all the stores of Toocha are designed with 07 degrees of inclination according to the branding deck.

Interior design case study by Ksoul

Interior Decoration for a TooCha MilkTea Shop
Exterior decoration for a TooCha MilkTea Shop
Interior Decoration for a Toocha Milk Tea Shop
Interior decoration for a TooCha MilkTea Shop

Brand name
Milktea Franchise
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Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
July 2019
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