GHTK (Giao Hang Tiet Kiem) new logo and identity X M — N Associates & Dentsu Redder
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GHTK (Giao Hang Tiet Kiem) new logo and identity X M — N Associates & Dentsu Redder

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July 3, 2024
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Founded in 2012, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem (GHTK) has established itself as a major player in the competitive Vietnamese logistics industry. Beginning its journey with a focus on providing cost‑effective and efficient delivery solutions, GHTK quickly gained traction within the rapidly expanding logistics sector. This commitment to innovation and customer‑centric services spearheaded its transformation into a leading force that reshapes the landscape of last-mile delivery in Vietnam. By January 2022, after ten years of operation, GHTK embarked on a rebranding journey led by the efforts of M — N Associates, marking a significant phase in its evolution.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

Driven by the belief that small-business owners deserve reliable support, GHTK has grown to become an effective partner for over 1 million online sellers in Vietnam. With a strong presence nationwide, backed by over 30,000 dedicated shippers, and a milestone of 1 billion successful deliveries, GHTK underscores its mission to empower small-business owners. This foundation of trust and reliability sets the backdrop for GHTK's rebranding initiative, aiming to further solidify its commitment to facilitating the success of entrepreneurs and retailers in the dynamic landscape of logistics and beyond.

To start this new chapter, GHTK teamed up with Dentsu Redder to craft a broad repositioning strategy, which laid the groundwork for M — N Associates to revamp GHTK's branding. This strategy refreshed everything from GHTK's vision and message to its visual identity and customer experience. It's designed to help retailers of all sizes leverage delivery services for their success. Embracing a brand strategy that goes beyond simply offering quick delivery, GHTK now positions itself as a true partner for retailers, showing its dedication to boosting the support it offers to its network of entrepreneurs and businesses.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

As a first strategic move in implementing this new strategy, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem simplified its name to GHTK, making it faster, friendlier, and more recognizable. This abbreviation streamlined their identity while opening doors for operational flexibility and expansion under a unified brand umbrella. The shift to GHTK allowed the company to seamlessly introduce and market a variety of services like GHTK Express and GHTK ADs, ensuring instant brand recognition. This change simplified communications and bolstered GHTK's image among consumers, contributing to a more integrated and effective brand experience.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

While maintaining its core values of speed and efficiency, the new messaging positioned GHTK as a comprehensive logistics solutions provider. This shift underscored GHTK's commitment to the Vietnamese market, celebrating both national pride and the company's drive for industry leadership. The refined language firmly establishes GHTK as a multifaceted and reliable partner, solidifying its position within Vietnam's thriving logistics ecosystem.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

The redesign of GHTK's logotype captures the essence of Vietnam's bustling traffic, drawing inspiration from motorcycle wheels, narrow alleys, and evolving roadways. The design of the letters, with stencil details, aims to mirror these aspects, connecting the logotype directly to the energetic flow and dynamics of Vietnam's streets. This highlights GHTK's deep integration into the country's daily life and its commitment to agile and effective logistics solutions.

Complementing the new logotype, the new face icon—a close-up view of the shipper’s mascot from the old logo—is now infused with more personality and features a 'Confident Smile.' This specific focus resonates with both shippers and users, capturing the essence of GHTK’s reliability and speed, and embodying the joy and assurance accompanying each delivery. Adopting a minimal-ish mascot style, this icon enhances brand recognition not just on busy streets but also across various digital applications. Its versatility as a graphic device further strengthens the brand’s visual identity across different platforms and touchpoints, ensuring a cohesive brand experience wherever it appears.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

The dynamism and vibrancy of Vietnam's transportation and traffic systems served as the foundation for the rest of GHTK's visual identity. This inspiration was distilled into key design principles—lighting, speed, and sound—that guided the development of the brand's visual elements. This strategy aimed to capture the energetic flow and motion present in Vietnam's bustling streets, establishing a visual identity that integrates GHTK within these dynamics seamlessly.

GHTK utilized a bold, italic style from the DJR Forma font family for its typography, emphasizing swift movement and efficiency. This particular design, with its forward-leaning letters, visually accelerates the brand into the future, mirroring the speed of their delivery services. Enhanced by dynamic animations that mimic 'Lightning Fast Motion,' this typographical approach vividly accentuates GHTK's innovative and progressive identity.

For a decade, green has been the heartbeat of GHTK’s brand identity. In its visual evolution, GHTK deepens this legacy with Racing Green, complemented by the depth of Shadow Green and the vibrancy of Traffic Orange. This expanded palette, a reflection of Vietnam’s illuminated nights and lively streets, not only honors the brand's heritage but also injects fresh dynamism. Racing Green remains the core, embodying GHTK's enduring commitment to growth, while Traffic Orange lights up the way forward, ensuring the brand shines brighter in the competitive landscape. This clever update ties GHTK’s past to its future, telling a story of continuous innovation and connection.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

The impact of GHTK's rebranding is evident across its physical branding elements, profoundly transforming its public-facing image. From the vibrant new uniforms to the dynamic branding on their fleet of bikes and trucks, the visual changes have significantly enhanced brand recognition. The "Confident Smile" icon, now synonymous with GHTK, is seen moving through the streets, embodying the brand's commitment to speedy and reliable service.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

In the digital realm, GHTK's rebranding has revitalized its online presence, having profound impacts on how customers interact with the brand. The redesigned website and mobile application, enriched with personalized emojis and a user-centric interface, offer a more engaging and seamless experience. This digital transformation has strengthened GHTK's bond with its customers, making every interaction more memorable and building loyalty.

Furthermore, the strategic rebranding sets GHTK on a path for future growth, gearing it up for a broader range of services and a multi-brand approach. With a focus on putting people first, this new direction makes it simpler for GHTK to expand and innovate. This foundation ensures GHTK stays ahead in providing top-notch logistics services.

In sum, the transformative rebranding of GHTK, expertly crafted by M — N Associates, signifies a powerful shift towards a future of growth and innovation. Moving beyond its previous identity, the new design narrative seamlessly blends Vietnamese culture with modern visuals, establishing a deeper connection with both the local community and the wider business landscape. This rebranding not only enhances GHTK's professional image but also strengthens its foundation, promising increased value and a competitive advantage. With this refreshed identity, GHTK is positioned to continue leading in the logistics industry, prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities of its next chapter.

GHTK new logo and identity X M — N Associates

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GHTK (Giao Hang Tiet Kiem)
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Release date
July 2022
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"Special thanks to anh Hùng Võ as CMO / Strategy Head, Dentsu Redder as activation agency, and brand team Chris Việt Linh, Hàn Thúy." (M — N Associates)


Branding firm: M — N Associates

Creative Director: Duy — N

Digital Director: Anh Nguyễn

Designer: Phúc Trần

Producer: Quân Nguyễn, An Phạm

Project Manager: M — Lan


Portfolio Photography: Wing Chan

Digital Retoucher: An Nguyễn, Phúc Trần

Footage Documentary: GHTK

Model: Lâm Uy Huỳnh, Quân Nguyễn

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