iTel Telecom logo and refreshed visual identity X RIO X InSpace
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iTel Telecom logo and refreshed visual identity X RIO X InSpace

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June 11, 2024

In 2019, iTel launched as the first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in Vietnam, making it the sixth mobile network provider in the country, starting with the 087 number. The pioneering iTel brand is owned by Indochina Telecom Joint Stock Company which collaborated with VinaPhone to use their infrastructure which result in providing a cost-optimized virtual telecommunications network and superior customer experiences.

ITel logo orginal idea, design by RIO agancy

iTel aimed to inspire a creative spirit and positive life energy, focusing on delivering not just quality mobile services but also a fun and unique experience to its customers. To stand out and captivate the emerging Gen Z market, iTel sought to create a vibrant brand that resonated with this young demographic. RIO agency took on the challenge of understanding Gen Z customers, who desire brands that are fun, authentic, and creative. RIO agency delved deep into the characteristics of Gen Z, the first generation of true digital natives. Recognizing that Gen Z customers are drawn to unconventional ideas, RIO agency developed the original iTel logo and a catchy slogan to appeal to this generation.

Then By the end of 2022, iTel collaborated with InSpace Studio to refresh its visual identity. InSpace Studio re-standardized the overall logo design with new lines and subtle color tweaks.

With new lines and gentle color changes, InSpace Studio re-standardized the overall logo design.

They also introduced the iTel Display typeface, inspired by the logo's rounded lines, featuring special characters and friendly, rounded corners that evoke modernity, technology, and connectivity. And they created a visual cue system from the "Red Dot" symbol in the iTel logo, forming three graphic elements representing connection, movement, and spread. These elements are flexibly applied to content specified in iTel's identity system.

iTel's new typeface and typography styles
iTel's new typeface and typography styles
The visual cue system of iTel
The visual cue system of iTel

The iTel marketing team, introduced a unique mascot named Mr. iTel. Representing the brand in promotional materials and other touchpoints, Mr. iTel features a red suit and a robotic head with a digital screen displaying various emotions. This engaging character effectively enhances brand communications and reinforces iTel's brand image.

Mr iTel character from promotional materials

InSpace Studio further diversified the character usage by transitioning Mr iTel from a suit to a younger many outfits and also provided 2D and 3D options, enabling more versatile applications while maintaining a youthful and dynamic appearance.

Mr iTel character new look in 2D and 3D
Mr iTel character new look in 2D and 3D

Through Joining the efforts of RIO agency in 2020 and InSpace Studio in 2022 with iTel's marketing team, iTel Telecom developed a visual identity that effectively engages Gen Z customers. The refreshed logo, custom typeface, adaptable graphic elements, and distinctive mascot embody the energy, innovation, and unique experiences that iTel offers. This transformation has positioned iTel as a strong competitor in the telecommunications market, ready to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Poster designs using iTel's refreshed visual identity elements
Poster designs using iTel's refreshed visual identity elements

Stage One, Logo: Rio Agency


Stage Two, Brand Consultant Agency: Aurora Vietnam | Project Account: Phuoc Dinh | Refreshed visual identity system: InSpace Creative | Creative Director: Sanh Nguyen I Art Director: Nhi Tuong, Duy Trinh | Creative Designers: Trung Chau, Vi Le, Rella Lem, Zahy | Typeface Design: Trung Chau | Illustration: Nhi Tuong, Vi Le, Rella Lem | 3D Artist: Zahy | Project Manager: Trang Ho

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iTel Telecom
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Brand Refresh
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October 2022
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