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Lá Lành latest logo and identity X Rice Studios

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August 17, 2023

The BDSV (Binh Dinh Safe Vegetable project) initiative, coordinated by the Vietnamese government and based in the Binh Dinh region of central Vietnam with funding from New Zealand Plant and Food Research, is responsible for the creation of the La Lanh brand of sustainably produced vegetables. The program's ultimate objective is to improve the economic and environmental viability of vegetable production in Binh Dinh. Rice Studios was contacted by New Zealand Plant and Food Research about creating a brand for the agricultural producers in their initiative.

Lá Lành logo
Lá Lành logo

Our design solution struck a balance between emotion and function. Binh Dinh is a region of Vietnam that has a long history of enduring natural disasters. The people of Binh Dinh are famous for resilience and a sense of community pride. The name that Rice created for the brand, La Lanh (The Good Leaf) comes from a Vietnamese proverb relevant to this culture, which translates loosely to “The good leaves protect the torn ones.”

Artwork for Lá Lành posters

In order to gain a full picture of the project's impact, rice talked to everyone involved in it such government officials, scientists, farmers, and retail store owners. Packaging, distribution, cost, public image of safety, and the ability to effectively use and manage design assets were highlighted as key takeaways. Rice developed a solid approach catered to these requirements. Creating a business plan, a fully operational go to market strategy, and a user-friendly design toolkit are all essential first steps. with the intention of seeing their products sold in major stores around Vietnam.

Lá Lành brand identity guide
Branding manual for Lá Lành

The combination of the brand name and a Buddhist-inspired color scheme of green and gentle pink communicated a message of community pride and concern. Rice created a set of symbols to aid the brand in conveying information regarding product safety, including the assurance procedure and the food's journey from farm to table.

Personalized icon set created for Lá Lành

La Lanh has proudly acquired contracts with big supermarkets and spread their goods outside of the Binh Dinh province, including Ho Chi Minh City, since the brand's introduction.

Lá Lành stuff prepares processed vegetable products for distribution
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La Lanh's visual identity and design awards
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La Lanh
Perishable Foods
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Vietnam Market Entry
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July 2020
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