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Vietcombank latest logo and identity
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The victory spirit

Vietcombank latest logo and identity

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Vietcombank, formed in 1955, was the first Vietnamese governmental bank to become a publicly traded commercial bank. Vietcombank began as a specialist bank for international economic interactions, but it has since evolved into a multi-bank with multi-disciplinary operations that contribute significantly to the stability and development of the Vietnamese national economy. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2013, Vietcombank unveiled a new corporate identity, commemorating key achievements and transformations while also preparing for a new stage of development.

Vietcombank logo

The new Vietcombank logo maintains the bank's long-standing green color scheme, which signifies the strength of nature and the bank's goal to expand via the sustainable improvement of its standards and community engagement. The logo is now a stylised symbol on top of the wordmark, rather than a monogram of VCB letters as it was previously. The sign is meant to depict a connected letter V, the initial letter of the name, but also the spirit to win (V victory). The connection of letter V also refers to the unity of the heart with faith for a shared future with Vietnam's prosperity.

The Signage and Facade of the Vietcombank Tower in Hanoi

Characteristics like being "innovative," "consistent," "caring," "connected," "unique," and "secure" are fundamental to the new Vietcombank brand's various personalities. The Bank's dedication to these principles shows its appreciation for the confidence it has earned from its most valuable clients over the past half century.

An interior view of the Vietcombank branch and teller area
An interior view of the Vietcombank branch and teller area

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Vietnam Market Entry
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March 2013
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