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4P's Corporation introduced Pizza 4P's as sub-brand X Rice Studios
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An Earth-to-People Pizza

4P's Corporation introduced Pizza 4P's as sub-brand X Rice Studios

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Last updated on
August 17, 2023

Pizza 4P's is a Japanese Italian pizza restaurant in Vietnam. This seems to be crazy idea, yet it has received approval among pizza fans in Vietnam. Since the foundation of the brand in 2011, Pizza has always been the major and first business for 4P's company, until Pizza 4P's became a limiting name that does not represent other 4P's business. Following Rice Studios guidance and proposal, Pizza 4p's was reestablished as a sub-brand under the 4P's branded house.

Pizza 4Ps flexible logotype system
Pizza 4Ps flexible logotype system

The aim of Rice Creative was to provide great practical design for Pizza 4P's while also effectively communicating the brand house concept. Furthermore, instead of trending graphic design, it focuses on art, history, science, and young culture. As a conclusion, a cohesive visual identity system that is meaningful, sophisticated, provocative, and ethical has been created.

"An Earth-to-People restaurant" on a mission to make the world smile for peace
A wide variety of foods, pizza in the middle, on the table at Pizza 4P's

Pizza came out of Italy and evolved into a variety of forms and styles, and it has become a beloved dish all over the world. It has transcended borders, age and gender, and is now be loved by so many. The founder and his friends fell in love with the simple, free, and versatile dish. “Making hearts richer and spreading happiness around the world could begin from something as small as this.”

Pizza 4p's Hikari Binh Duong
Pizza 4p's Hikari Binh Duong

Zero Waste concept that promotes a sustainable future, which Pizza 4P's has always aimed for

Brand name
Pizza 4P's
Premium Casual
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
January 2020
Signature color
Pizza 4P's
latest visual identity

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