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TRE new logo and identity X InSpace Creative
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In the sky, there is a bamboo nest

TRE new logo and identity X InSpace Creative

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

TRE is a fine dining restaurant in Saigon that launched in July 2022. TRE received assistance from InSpace Creative in designing its visual identity.

TRE dining bamboo logo animation
TRE dining bamboo logo animation

'tre' in Vietnamese means bamboo, which inspired all of the restaurant's all creations. It represents adaptation, endurance, and longevity. The cuisine is a fusion of Vietnamese foods. It's a well-balanced blend of ethnically diverse cooking talents, excellent ingredients, and traditional Vietnamese characteristics.

TRE restaurant space design
TRE dining space design

Tre is a Typeface designed based on the geometrical lines and properties of Bamboo, the curved corners of the characters are rounded to show Bamboo's elasticity and flexibility, firm but still supple. This typeface is used as a Display Font, to represent Tre's specially designed content, creating an impressive and consistent for the identity of Tre.

TRE case study on behance

TRE custom made typeface

To establish distinctiveness and consistency with the architectural and interior design aspects at TRE, the illustrations are likewise constructed on geometric lines, dots, and shadows.

TRE Icons style - Fish icons


Creative & Art Director: Sanh Nguyen / Illustration & Typeface Design: Nhi Tuong / Font Production: Nhung Nguyen / Graphic Design & Animation: Duy Trinh, Trung Chau, Zahy / Interior & Photography by TRE | Unios Vietnam | ValorStudio 

Brand name
Fine Dining
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
July 2022
Signature color
latest visual identity

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