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Cheese coffee new logo and identity X Comma Media
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It all start with Coffee!

Cheese coffee new logo and identity X Comma Media

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Last updated on
June 25, 2023

Cheese Coffee was established in 2016 as a new Coffee Shop Chain - nowadays, they own more than 16 locations in Saigon alone - targeting millennials and young customers, focusing on delivering 1st class customer experience and modern industrial Coffee spaces. They built their brand visual infrastructure with help from Comma Media, which result in impressive gold and dark blue visual identity with a modern European vibe that stands out against international and local competitors.

Cheese Coffee logo
Cheese Coffee logo closer look
The appearance and sense of a European coffee shop separate Cheese Coffee from other franchises. Inspiration is taken from many aspects of European cultures (Arts, Architecture, Lifestyle and Graphic).The whole brand visuals are built based on a perfect square grid, from monogram, logo, typeface to graphic elements and marketing materials.Thus, this gives the brand a bold, consistent, and distinct look overall.

Comma media case study

Cheese Coffee sketches
Comma media designing procees for Cheese Coffee
Cheese Coffee branding
Cheese Coffee visual identity applications
When you observe the branding identity details of each of the seven Cheese Coffee locations, you'll notice that the feeling in each store is not the same. But the menu is sure to be the same as that will always guarantee consistency for the brand. Customers want consistent product, though the experience can be different, as long as it's a positive experience each time. Each shop offers something new.

Vietcetera Article

Cheese Coffee Vibe
Cheese Coffee 32 Bui vien

Brand name
Cheese Coffee
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Vietnam Market Entry
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November 2016
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Cheese Coffee
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