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Baozi new logo and visual identity X behalf
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When east meets west

Baozi new logo and visual identity X behalf

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Baozi is a restaurant established in 2015 in London then moved to Saigon in 2016. Baozi brings new concepts and ideas that differentiate them from the traditional food market in Vietnam. Their menu focused mainly on creative takes from Taiwanese street snacks, most distinctly the bao. In 2019 with help from behalf studio, they refined their logo and identity, which brings more pop culture and street vandalism uniqueness to the brand.

Baozi logo

Baozi logotype

Visual identity reinvention for Baozi, a thriving bao concept with a twist. From London's Hackney neighborhood to downtown Saigon, Baozi carries a diverse, creative, label-less selection of Asian fusion food. The new visual language can be captured as “Banksy got drunk in Chinatown.” It features a redrawn logotype that preserves just the signature ‘B’ of the old identity and a tongue-in-cheek design scheme that is largely inspired by pop culture & street vandalism. The hero of the identity is a series of humorously R-rated illustrations of popular characters that embodies the East meets West character of the brand.

​​​​​​​Baoiz on behance

Baozi uniform and takeaway food box
Baozi uniform and takeaway food box

Baozi menu
Baozi menu design
Brand name
Fast Casual
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Brand Refresh
Release date
May 2019
Signature color
latest visual identity

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