4P's latest logo and identity X Rice Studios
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4P's latest logo and identity X Rice Studios

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March 25, 2024

Since launching its first Pizza 4P's in Saigon in 2011, The 4P's (For Peace) company has grown from a beloved pizza restaurant to a booming mini-empire with more than 25 locations in two countries. 4P's today owns and manages a number of restaurants, cafés, cheese factories, dairy production units, organic farms, educational activities, as well as sustainability projects, all with the same mission of "making the world smile for peace." In 2020, the 4P's founders collaborated with Rice Studios to define the brand structure that will encompass all of that growth and beyond.

4P's logo
4P's logo

With all of this on the horizon "Pizza 4P's" as a name was limiting. Rice helped structure '4P's' (for peace) as a mother brand that would allow the organization to create all kinds of platforms for peace, e.g. Café 4P's, Hotel 4P's, Beer 4P's, and of course, Pizza 4P's. The identity of 4P's and Pizza 4P's could be different expressions of the same vision. 4P's values; "sustainability, sharing, and humanity" became a checklist for development.

4P's branded house structure show showcase

All of 4P's branding, including logos, slogans, and the use of friendly serif typeface, is intended to convey a sense of warmth and approachability. Also to better describe the many projects that 4P's would do, Rice collaborated with former Pixar legend Andrew Gordon to design a mascot for the company. BUU is the character of burrata cheese, an iconic product at 4P's.

 4P's BUU mascot
4P's BUU mascot

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