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KingFish new logo and visual identity X Vũ Digital

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May 23, 2024

In 2022, KingFish started its journey as a wholesale seafood supplier, aiming to build a strong brand identity in the seafood industry. Their goal was to become a leading brand for high-quality seafood. Knowing the importance of a great brand image, KingFish partnered with Vũ Digital to create a unique and memorable identity in a competitive market.

KingFish's Visual Brand Identity showcase
KingFish's Visual Brand Identity showcase

For a B2B company like KingFish, it's a smart move to collaborate with a branding agency like Vũ Digital early in its establishment. Many big B2B brands often do not focus on visuals in their branding because they aren't constantly seeking new customers. Instead, they prefer basic branding that works and focus on maintaining traditional relationships with stakeholders and clients. This creates a great opportunity for newcomers like KingFish to stand out in a busy market with low-quality branding. By building excellent first impressions and trust, they can obtain a larger market share in the long run, as long as they stay true to their brand promises and apply them to all operations and touchpoints.

The KingFish business card demonstrates the B2B philosophy.
The KingFish business card demonstrates the B2B philosophy.

With an in-depth analysis of the company's core strengths and values, the primary goal was to develop a brand image that would reflect KingFish's ambition to become a leading name in the seafood market, both domestically and internationally. To achieve this, Vũ Digital focused on creating a brand identity that would set KingFish apart from its competitors, highlighting its unique attributes and ability to manage and control the supply chain. This approach ensures that KingFish's brand identity resonates with customers.

The conceptual outline of KingFish's logo

The branding project began with the creation of a memorable logo that would solidify KingFish's presence in the market. A wordmark design was used to visually represent the brand name and emphasize the company's strong position. The logo features a fisheye effect, making it instantly eye-catching, while a vintage design style conveys a sense of trust and history, which helps compensate for being a new company. The KingFish name is arranged in a shape inspired by a majestic crown, symbolizing the company's aspiration to be a market leader and its commitment to managing the supply chain like a true king.

Illustrations of various seafood products by KingFish

Wavy patterns with custom illustrations for seafood products were incorporated into various brand designs, adding a unique visual language for product identification. The visual identity components were showcased through eye-catching stationery and packaging, a challenging area for creativity in this industry. The transformation from non-branded traditional packaging is evident, and we were impressed with the gift set design and cylinder fish packing that convey a fresh catch feeling with the fish hanging on a rope.

Color selection played a crucial role in the branding process. A dark red tone was chosen as KingFish's iconic color, aiming to create a sense of urgency and stimulate the appetite. This color choice aligns KingFish with other successful food and beverage brands, such as Vissan and Kido Group, that have also opted for red as their primary color. This also differentiates the brand, as most seafood brands use blue tones inspired by the sea, making red help the brand stand out even more in the competition.

Before and after the KingFish branding
Before and after the KingFish branding

Furthermore, the focus shifted to designing a website that would showcase KingFish's commitment to providing high-quality seafood. The website offers users a glimpse into the underwater world, displaying vivid images of the fishing process and the preparation of the finished products. The website also features the brand statement, "Yesterday was at the bottom of the sea, today at KingFish," highlighting the company's ability to control the supply chain and deliver fresh seafood straight from the ocean to the customers' plates.

In conclusion, the branding project for KingFish was a meticulously planned and executed collaboration between the company and Vũ Digital. By concentrating on creating a unique and powerful brand identity, the project successfully laid the foundations for KingFish to be a leader in the seafood industry, paving the way for future growth and expansion in both domestic and international markets.

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