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Be Group new logo and identity

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Lazy logos end up on the streets

Be Group new logo and identity

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Last updated on
October 12, 2023

When 2018 came to a close, the ridesharing market in Vietnam welcomed BE, a startup founded and run by Vietnamese entrepreneurs. Today in 2022, BE offers a wide variety of services, including over a dozen types of transportation, food delivery, airline ticket purchases, financial services, etc. Be Group Joint Stock Company unveiled its new logo and tagline on the evening of October 1st.

Be Group new logo

The new logo combines a 24h Circle, an Infinite Mark, and Street Ways to represent the brand's aspiration to become the Digital Consumer Platform fulfilling all of the everyday requirements of the Vietnamese people. The new slogan for Be Group is "Being together all the way," and it's supposed to convey not just that the firm will provide for all of its customers' requirements, but also that it will be there for them at all times.

All BE Group offerings are showcased in a single key visual.
All BE Group offerings are showcased in a single key visual.

We recognize the effort that was put into developing the key visuals, uniforms, and promotion. But, just to be fair, can we find anything nice to say about the new logo? To be honest, no. An evolution as devastating as this is uncommon, yet it does occur. It was only recently released, and it already appears to be out of date. Is it a nod to the Grab wordmark? or goviet old logo? Well, nothing to overthink as it's still stock vector art that was selected and used without full consideration for the logo, which would be the face of the brand for years, and the focus was instead on the launch campaign and other images. We've seen considerably greater results in other industries where design, marketing, and communications are in limited supply. We still appreciate the original work of the first logo and the visual system of the brand, which is hard to beat and improve. 

Vector art from shutterstock, combined with grab and goviet logos

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be Group
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Vietnam Market Entry
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October 2022
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be Group
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