Katinat Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative
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Journey to Explore New Tastes

Katinat Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

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July 2, 2024
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Katinat Coffee & Tea House was launched in 2016 as Katinat Saigon Kafe and quickly distinguished itself by catering to a young, urban clientele. The brand successfully combined creative menu offerings with diverse cafe space designs, rising to become one of the top brands in Vietnam's coffee shop market. In 2024, Katinat officially announced a significant transformation at Katinat Coffee & Tea House. While detailed information about the rebrand remains limited, the involvement of ChoChoi Creative as a key partner in this transformation journey has been confirmed.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

From its humble origins in the vibrant districts of Saigon, Katinat quickly carved out a niche with its innovative menu offerings and uniquely designed cafe spaces. Eight years since its inception, the brand has expanded impressively, now operating over 70 locations across 10 provinces. Each location is designed to be an adventure in itself, with décor reflecting diverse global cultures—from the sophistication of Europe to the calm of Japanese aesthetics. This distinctive approach has struck a chord with Katinat's primary audience—students and young professionals—in search of unique and affordable café experiences.

The recent rebrand marks a pivotal moment in the brand's evolution, inviting both our admiration and analysis. Starting with the brand name orgin, the "Katinat” name draws inspiration from the historic Catinat Street, known today as Đồng Khởi Street, a symbol of Saigon's vibrant past lined with chic boutiques and cafés. This choice reflects an ambition to embody the legacy of the street—an elevated space capturing the dynamic and stylish vibe of its surroundings.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

Building on this heritage, the recent transformation from "Katinat Saigon Kafe" to "Katinat Coffee and Tea House" marks a significant evolution in the brand’s verbal identity, accommodating its expansion into nine additional provinces. The change from the geographically specific "Saigon Kafe" to the more inclusive "Coffee and Tea House" broadens the brand’s appeal, shifting focus to the primary offerings that characterize the diverse and high-quality experience Katinat aims to provide.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

Complementing the rebranded name, ChoChoi's team has introduced a new tagline, 'Journey to Explore New Tastes.' This addition underscores Katinat’s commitment to unique flavors and premium ingredients. The approach particularly appeals to Generation Z, known for their love of creativity and personal expression. Alongside this adventurous tagline, Katinat continues to foster a welcoming brand voice. By warmly referring to their followers as 'Katies,' the brand enhances community ties and reinforces its warm, inviting image.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

We are eagerly anticipating further details about Katinat's new visual identity from ChoChoi Creative, which promises a refreshing and innovative direction. As revealed so far, the new warped logotype represents the curves of the cultivated hills of Vietnam from a panoramic perspective, aligning perfectly with the brand's new narrative. This transition from the old dual logo system—which included the stylized 'K' lettermark and emblem—to a new, standalone dynamic logotype is strategic. It embodies a 'less is more' approach, effectively ensuring the brand's consistency and adaptability across various media and diverse spatial concepts.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

In conjunction with the logotype change, the brand's typography centers around a mix of classic flared serif and bold, narrow modern sans serif with a warp treatment. This typographical strategy is carefully implemented across various brand communications, including wayfinding, menus, and promotional materials. Katinat has also introduced a revised color palette that enhances the brand's visual appeal. The signature teal color has been deepened, paired with a new golden hue that replaces the previous faded beige.

This new visual identity system is vividly coming to life, showcasing its effectiveness through enhanced brand touchpoints like redesigned cups, updated uniforms, and both the exterior and interior designs of its cafes. Notably, the logotype demonstrates its versatility and visual impact when used in 3D signage, providing a strong and memorable brand presentation. These elements compare favorably with the previous branding, now offering a more cohesive and authentic narrative that aligns closely with the new messaging and name.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

In sum, this new chapter for Katinat officially begins with a promising brand strategy and identity. The fresh approach not only opens up more opportunities but also breaks past limitations, paving the way for national expansion. We are excited to witness this evolution and its potential to drive long-term brand growth. We look forward to more updates and reveals in the near future from ChoChoi Creative.

KATINAT Coffee & Tea House Rebranding X ChoChoi Creative

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Imagery & Videos: KATINAT Coffee & Tea House
Branding Agency: Chochoi Creative


Some of the photography was produced by:

Catinat Street Image: Duc Hy Hoang

Location Photography: Lưu Khởi Toàn

Menu Photography: Hồng Đậu Studio Photo Bảo Khang | Stylist Phương Sơn | Lighting Thoại Anh | Assitan Kim Juli

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