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Van Lang University new logo and identity designed In-House X Dentsu Redder

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Soaring to global aspirations

Van Lang University new logo and identity designed In-House X Dentsu Redder

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Last updated on
November 8, 2023

Established in 1995, Van Lang University is a prestigious private university in Ho Chi Minh City, renowned for its research programs and community outreach initiatives. The university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs across 66 different majors, structured under six faculty groups and the VLTECH School of Technology. In December 2022, Van Lang University launched its new brand identity, intending to transform into an education institution that meets international standards. With this rebranding, the university aims to become "one of Asia's Most Admired Young Universities by 2030."

Van Lang University's branding journey began in 1995 with a blue circular emblem inspired by the famous Vietnamese cultural symbol, the Dong Son Drum. However, due to copyright issues associated with using national symbols and direct ties to the country's cultural identity, the logo was revamped in 2018 by a team of Fine Arts teachers. The core of the new logomark is a symbol made by combining the letter V and the Lac bird, which is taken from the Van Lang old logo. The emblem's shape evolved from a circle to a shield, symbolizing a protective educational environment and simultaneously evoking the image of an open book representing human knowledge.

The evolution of Van Lang University's logo over time
The evolution of Van Lang University's logo over time

In December 2022, Van Lang University officially launched its latest new brand identity, marking the third change in the university's history. With the new brand positioning statement, "Where impact matters," the university aims for strong growth and seeks to promote innovation in learning, teaching, and educational cooperation with leading global universities. This contributes to realizing Vietnam's aspiration of "becoming an Asian dragon" by 2025, and the university's goal of becoming "one of Asia's Most Admired Young Universities by 2030."

Analysis of Van Lang University's new logo design changes

The new logo is a fresh take on the earlier version, incorporating some modern elements while emphasizing traditional core ideas. The emblem's shape changed from a V-shaped container to a U-shaped shield, representing the U of the University, the U of the Universe of knowledge, and the U of You (students). The book's implication is made clearer by separating it and placing it on top of the shield, open to anyone who wants to approach knowledge. The Lac bird has been slightly adjusted to represent the desire to reach new heights in knowledge dissemination and social service. Additionally, the university adopts a bold, geometric sans typeface, which greatly improves international use and aligns with the university's ambitions to become an internationally recognized institution.

The new brand identity was quickly brought into Van Lang's life.
The new brand identity is making a strong impression on campus.

On the other hand, the rest of the new visual identity elements are diverse, youthful, and modern, with the U-shaped logo serving as a framework for creative designs from which a series of vivid applications were created and integrated into Van Lang's identity. Sub-identity systems were introduced for personalizing and differentiating the seven faculty groups, including different colors, U shield symbols, and even mascots for each group. These sub-identities help bring a dynamic, aesthetic, and friendly atmosphere to the Van Lang community. They are also used in various applications, such as decorations, wayfinding signs, student cards, and social media.

The seven faculty groups sub-identity systems

In April 2023, Van Lang University collaborated with Dentsu Redder for their 28-Year Anniversary Campaign, featuring a key visual inspired by the old drum logo, which is associated with the university's heritage. This key visual narrates the story of Van Lang University's transformation journey, adapting to significant changes and the evolving needs of human resources in the future. Each change is proudly displayed through the design of the drum's five rings, with the new logo at the center, surrounded by four rings representing generations of students, the different faculties, the 7 principles of learning, and finally the connection between learning and working environments.

The 28-Year Anniversary relaunch campaign X Dentsu Redder

The new brand identity has significantly improved life at Van Lang University, fostering a more dynamic and youthful campus atmosphere. Students eagerly engaged in events to discover the seven mascots representing their majors and received branded gifts, fostering an emotional connection with the new identity. The rebranding initiative successfully reaffirmed Van Lang University's dedication to academic excellence, internationalization, and generating positive societal impacts, all encapsulated in the powerful statement, "Where impact matters."

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