Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative
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The Garden of Surprises

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

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May 16, 2024

Ban Mai Theater, established in 2024, is a performance art theater that embodies a world of fun, learning, and adventures, tailored specifically for kids and families. It combines culture, art, and authentic life experiences into engaging programs and plays. This vision was brought to life through a brand identity meticulously designed by the InSpace creative team, capturing the essence of diverse artistic expressions and ensuring a family-friendly experience.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

Ban Mai Theater strives to be a nurturing place where both children and parents can grow and learn together. It emphasizes understanding, love, and care, aiming to help children develop emotional intelligence, character, and an appreciation for art and community. At Ban Mai, children enjoy interactive play and art, while parents find a space to connect, share experiences, and build memories with their kids. The theater’s plays also offer parents insights on how to support their children’s development effectively.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

The theater invests in plays and activities that incorporate technology to create vibrant experiences, complete with dynamic scenery, content, music, and lighting. This approach stimulates all senses, enhancing a child's imagination. Participating in Ban Mai Theater's offerings provides children with a variety of experiential activities before, during, and after the performances, helping them to fully grasp the content and messages of the plays, and offering a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

The brand name "Ban Mai," which translates to "morning" in English, symbolizes the dawn of a new day and represents freshness and the promise of new beginnings. This name mirrors how parents view their children—as symbols of hope and potential.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

For the brand concept, the InSpace team drew inspiration from the theater's dedication to nurturing curiosity, encouraging both children and adults to explore, ask questions, and continuously learn. This commitment to discovery and exploration establishes Ban Mai as "The Garden of Surprises," where each visit unveils unexpected delights and new experiences, embodying the theater's spirit of continuous renewal and wonder.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

The logo design for Ban Mai Theater creatively incorporates the concept of eyes, traditionally regarded as the "windows to the soul," to symbolize the gateway through which we perceive and interpret the world. This design choice highlights the brand's focus on the vast imagination and curiosity of children, as well as the emotional depth of humanity.

By leveraging the two characters "a" in "Ban Mai," the logo forms a unique eye symbol that can dynamically express various emotions such as joy, sadness, and anger. This flexibility makes the logo engaging and child-friendly, adding depth and intrigue to the brand's identity.

Ban Mai Theater new logo and visual identity X InSpace Creative

The text portion of the Ban Mai Theater logo is crafted with a simple, robust, and dynamic design, yet it maintains a friendly and humorous character through the rounded details and rhythm of the typeface. The lines of each character are designed for consistency, optimizing visibility from both near and far, and making it versatile across various brand contexts.

The color palette of the Ban Mai logo draws from the vibrant colors of the natural world—clouds, the sun, grass, flowers, and leaves—echoing the lively hues of a garden. These colors are chosen for their simplicity and recognizability, particularly to children, which enhances the brand’s appeal to its primary audience of families and children.

To further enrich its visual appeal, Ban Mai's brand identity includes a series of illustrative drawings themed around "A Ban Mai garden overflowing with colors." These illustrations feature a mix of charming plants and creatures that are designed to be adorable, approachable, and friendly, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Each illustration maintains consistent line details to align with the brand's overall design language, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual experience.

The typography system at Ban Mai Theater includes two typefaces: Ban Mai Display and Pluto, each featuring four distinct styles that are used consistently throughout the brand identity. Ban Mai Display is a typeface specially designed for the theater, notable for its unique "Inktrap" feature and low "Descender and Ascender" heights. This design choice aims to deliver educational and entertainment messages in an engaging and visually appealing manner, optimized for various digital and print platforms.

Ban Mai Characters play a pivotal role in defining the theater's identity, serving as the soul of its plays. These characters are crafted in a modern, friendly style to connect easily with children, families, and young audiences, yet they retain the adaptability needed for stage performance. This design ensures that Ban Mai's characters are not only versatile and capable of adjusting to different contexts but also facilitate enhanced interaction between the characters and the audience, making the theatrical experience more immersive and engaging.

Ban Mai Theater's thoughtfully crafted brand identity enhances its mission as a vibrant, child-focused venue. By effectively leveraging a unique mix of typography, character design, and visual storytelling, the identity supports the theater's efforts to ignite imaginations and dreams. Through theatrical productions, arts, engaging playgrounds, and a variety of activities, the theater fosters a deep connection with humanistic, artistic, and cultural values, always striving to view the world from a child’s perspective to nurture growth and understanding.

It is encouraging to see how professional branding efforts by agencies like InSpace can have a meaningful impact on the next generation and the community at large. This demonstrates the profound influence of functional design and strategic branding, showing that beyond commercial goals, well-thought-out branding can significantly enhance cultural and educational environments, shaping societal values and enriching lives.

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Ban Mai Theater
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Vietnam Market Entry
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January 2024
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Ban Mai Theater

Director & Writer: Bao Chu & Trang Ten

Operation Director: Leo Luan

Operation Manager: Trinh Nguyen

The Theme Song: Khu Vườn Ban Mai

Composer: Nguyen Van Chung

Partner: Flava Live

General Director: Ben Tran

Strategic Advisor: Kate Nguyen

Business Director: Linh Le

Content Manager: Zoe Nguyen

Theater Photo & Video: Preeco Studio


Creative Studio: InSpace Creative

Scope of Work: Creative Concept, Logo, Visual Identity System, Type Design, Character Design, Merchandise Design, 3D Illustration & Animation, Communication Design, Website Design

Creative Director: Sanh Nguyen

Project Manager: Trang Ho

Art Director: Yeni Tuong, Duy Trinh

Art Concept & Illustration: Yeni Tuong

Creative Designer: Trung Chau, Vi Le, Rella Lem, Hai Phuong, Zahy, Nha Truc

Type Designer: Trung Chau

Animation Lead: Duy Trinh

3D Illustration & 3D Animation: Hai Phuong, Zahy

Showcase Photography: Vu Tran & 1990 Concept

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