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Gaieté gets new logo and identity X M — N Associates
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Unboxing the extraordinary femininity

Gaieté gets new logo and identity X M — N Associates

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March 14, 2023

‍Gaieté is a women's clothing brand available online without offline locations, established in 2020. With help from M — N Associates, they built their brand identity and touchpoints, results in beautifully bright images, elegance in all details and uniqueness in the digital and physical brand experiences.

Gaieté logo
Gaieté boxes with model
Gaieté boxes key visual
Gaieté dedicates itself to the maximal-floral details, high quality produced garments and meticulous stitching work to comfort natural lovers. Focusing mainly on e-commerce experiences to provide special caring, we took delivery package into account and developed into a wonderful mystery box with fine material details while market is crowded with brown carton boxes and tapes. Through this way, unboxing relationship becomes performative and memorable.

M-N Associates Gaieté case study


Creative Director Duy — N | Art Director Anh Nguyễn​​​​​ | Web Designer Anh Nguyễn​​​​​ | Designer Ngân Huỳnh, Đức Ngô, Quân Nguyễn | Illustrator Đức Ngô​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Producer Phúc Trần​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | Project Manager M — Lan | Portfolio Photography Marc Maki | Fashion Shooting Hậu Lê | Stylish& DI Maki.vn | Videography Lam Uy Huynh

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Clothing Brand
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August 2020
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