Ardeo Eatery & Butcher logo and visual identety X Behalf Studio
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Fiery fusion of culinary passion

Ardeo Eatery & Butcher logo and visual identety X Behalf Studio

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May 26, 2024

Established in 2021, Ārdeō, a modern restaurant and butcher concept, has stirred the culinary scene with its innovative dishes. Focused on fusing top-quality ingredients with state-of-the-art cooking techniques, this groundbreaking eatery offers distinctive dining experiences that are fueled by a burning enthusiasm for culinary craftsmanship. In this case study, we explore the captivating visual identity created by Behalf Studio, which encapsulates Ārdeō's ethos and showcases its human-centric approach with a touch of sophistication.‍

Ārdeō signage with the letters Ā and Ō as a monogram.

Deriving its name from the Latin words ār(i)dus and -eō, Ārdeō exemplifies the brand's fervor for culinary excellence. Meaning "to burn", "to be strongly affected with an emotion", or "to be in love", Ārdeō's moniker sets the foundation for a dining experience that merges customized flavors with inventive dishes in an elegant yet relaxed setting.

Ārdeō's versatile logo system.

To highlight the bespoke, artisanal nature of Ārdeō's cuisine, Behalf Studio designed a versatile logo system as opposed to a single, static logo. The brand's tagline — "Of Hearth and Hands" — is expressed through polished typography. This set of alternative logos and the tagline is being used interchangeably, enabling the brand to sustain a strong visual identity while presenting an element of uniqueness across diverse touchpoints. underscoring the human connection and expertise central to Ārdeō's culinary journey.

visual elements (Sparks and dots) generators for the Ārdeō brand.

Paying tribute to humanity's primitive cooking method, Behalf Studio devised a generative system of visual elements for Ārdeō's branding. Comprising sparks and particles of flame, these elements symbolize the transformative power of fire that has driven culinary creativity throughout the ages. The dynamic visual language not only links Ārdeō to its origins but also instils a sense of vitality and anticipation in its overall branding. The color scheme selected for Ārdeō's visual identity is an elegant combination of black, metallic brass, and rosewood. These colors not only exude refinement but also blend harmoniously with the restaurant's ambience. The palette's adaptability lends itself to various applications, such as branded items and menus, ensuring a consistent and professional presence across all facets of the brand.

 Ārdeō's menu design features a variety of textures and colors.
Ārdeō's menu design features a variety of textures and colors.

Behalf Studio's creation of Ārdeō's visual identity skillfully encapsulates the brand's essence, merging a human-centric approach with the sophistication of a high-quality dining experience. By uitlizing flexible logos, generative visuals, and interesting color palette, Ārdeō's branding leaves a lasting impression on its customers. Through this well made visual identity, Ārdeō sparks a passion for culinary craftsmanship, providing a remarkable journey for all who dine there.

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Brand name
Ārdeō Eatery & Butcher
Premium Casual
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
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June 2021
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Creative Director: Giang Nguyen | Designers: Linh Duong, Phong Pham, Minh Nguyen | Creative Coders: Anh Nguyen, Minh Nguyen | Producer: Dung Nguyen | Brand Photography: Phatoi Studio

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