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Bags with Saigon's colorful signs

Dòng Dòng latest logo and identity

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June 11, 2023

Dòng Dòng, launched in 2020, is a sustainable fashion brand selling bags and accessories made from recycled tarpaulin and awning material. Each item is a reflection of the culture and way of life in Saigon, and it has been carefully and skillfully crafted using the most basic available materials.

Dòng Dòng logo
“Dòng Dòng”, in Saigon accent, means “to go around”, which is a way to imagine the life cycle of used tarps from old awnings or truck covers to the unique bags on your shoulder.

About Dòng Dòng

In 2019, Kieu Anh and Thao Trang, two UX designers, observed that many event canvases, such as banners and backgrounds, were used for a single night and then discarded. Soon after, they decided to use this canvas to create bags. Friends in the media industry often supply the source of tarpaulin since plastic tarps are an annoying problem that everyone wants to resolve. The first recycled tarpaulin bag emerged after countless iterations and hundreds of scrapped prototypes. Kieu Anh and Thao Trang believe they have a one-of-a-kind product on their hands, so they approach Tu Quan, an experienced marketer, to help build the company.

All products are crafted by hand, and its unique designs and craftsmanship set it apart from mass-produced goods. Each item comes with its own story to tell about the Saigon's colorful signs, the rain and shine that fall upon them.

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Dòng Dòng
Bags Brand
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Vietnam Market Entry
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February 2020
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