Te Amo Milk tea latest logo and identity
Te Amo
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Yelling "Milk Tea, Boy!"

Te Amo Milk tea latest logo and identity

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June 13, 2023

Te Amo, a milk tea franchise with a take-away focus that launched in 2019, mainly targets students and young customers with a fresh brand identity and lower prices than other brands. On the other hand, for investors, they provide a simple, optimum, and cost-effective franchising strategy that has greatly aided the brand's explosive growth.

Te Amo milk tea logo

The yelling face mascot is an excellent technique to get attention. In addition, the name is a play on the popular French phrase "I love you." Te Amo's brand identity was created with generation Z in mind, as seen by the simple and successful communication techniques that we can see in the distinctive and hilarious digital doodling in vivid color palettes.

For the cup design, Te Amo milk tea hilarious doodle for flooding Saigon.
Te Amo milk tea funny doodle for floods Saigon used for cup design

As a result of these factors, the relatively new brand Te Amo has attracted a lot of interest and is projected to capture 4.7% of the massive Vietnamese milk tea market by 2022.

Customers of Te Amo are acting in the same way as the yelling mascot.
Customers of Te Amo are acting in the same way as the yelling mascot.

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Te Amo
Milktea Franchise
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Vietnam Market Entry
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August 2019
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