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May 26, 2024

Established in 2007 as, the company's owners later launched to serve customers in the southern provinces too. Vua Nem is a mattress and bedding retail system with 155+ showrooms in 30 cities around the country. They started out as a tiny business on Xa Dan Street in Hanoi but have since expanded to become a national leader in the industry. The 2018 year saw the introduction of a new investor, Mekong Capital. In response to the investment, the brands and were combined into a single brand named Vua Nem, and a new logo and visual identity were created with the help from Richard Moore Associates.

Vua Nệm new logo

Vua Nem's new brand identity was officially launched on October 10, 2018. The new Vua Nem logo's concept, inspired by the softness of white clouds in the night sky, aims to convey the brand's promise of a good night's rest for all its customers. There is a guiding star in this night sky—the Northern Star—that you can always easily find at any time of night and at any time of year, much as consumers can always easily access support from Vua Nem anytime, anywhere.

Vua Nệm new visual identity

The original idea for the Vua Nem brand came from the fact that trying out mattresses in stores was impossible due to the mattresses being piled on top of one another. To top it all off, nobody ever considered actually lying down on a mattress first. As a result, Tuan Anh and Nghia—the founders—decided to create a new business model that provided a cutting-edge buying experience and an extensive selection of high-quality mattresses from many different manufacturers.

The facade and signs of a Vua Nem shop

The new Brand Positioning Phrase we developed for VuaNem, ‘Good sleep, good life’, together with the new Brand Identity, gave the brand a fresh, modern feel, and created an approachable, emotional association in the minds of its customers. Fluffy clouds and starry nights give the brand a sense of peace and comfort.

VuaNem branding case study

The facade and signs of a Vua Nem shop
The new display space in Vua Nem

Vua Nem has also initiated fresh ways of considering the physical store itself, with a layout that prioritizes customer comfort and ease of finding the proper product.

Vua Nệm's advertising uses brand-inspired decor.
Vua Nệm's advertising uses brand-inspired decor

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Vua Nệm
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Vietnam Market Entry
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July 2018
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