KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8
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KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

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April 12, 2024

As the financial market evolved to cater to a younger and more diverse audience, the importance of crafting brands that could resonate with this dynamic generation grew. Established in 2022, KAFI entered the Vietnamese FinTech scene, poised to challenge traditional notions and redefine the meaning of wealth and investment for Gen Z.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

KAFI's mission is rooted in a contemporary philosophy: wealth isn't just about substantial bank accounts or sprawling properties. True wealth is about living an enriched life, constantly expanding horizons, and experiencing the multifaceted wonders of the world.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

Behind this brand creation stands NAR8, an agency that recognized that KAFI needed more than just a refresh—it required a foundational restructuring. Their vision was clear: disrupt the age-old narrative that prosperity is reserved for a select few. By targeting Gen Z's progressive mindset, NAR8 reimagined the idea of investment, transitioning it from a mundane task to an inspiring lifestyle.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

To achieve this vision, NAR8, in collaboration with industry stalwarts, hosted co-creation and naming workshops, refining KAFI's brand essence and design strategies. Their endeavors bore fruit—a brand that reinvigorates the financial domain with zest, vibrancy, and a promise to guide Gen Z in their financial aspirations.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

This revitalization is evident in every facet of KAFI's visual identity. The logo is a geometric, clean, abstract design that represents the letter K, the first letter of the brand's name. This flexible "K" mark is not only recognizable but also adaptable, fitting flawlessly as an app symbol and being configurable in a variety of colors for various business offerings.

KAFI's visual identity is a blend of simplicity and boldness, achieved by combining attractive youthful colors with basic shapes, crisp typography, and well-crafted layouts. With the objective of emphasizing the need for trust in financial services while also promising an exciting future.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

In essence, KAFI is not just another brand—it's a movement, a pledge to Gen Z that finance can be both fulfilling and delightful. Armed with NAR8's expertise and a forward-thinking approach, KAFI is on the cusp of reshaping Vietnam's FinTech horizon.

KAFI's new logo and visual identity X NAR8

Project Credits

Team: Trung Nguyen, Quynh Doan, Dung Vu, Thinh Nguyen, Dung Nguyen, Nhi Nguyen | Collaborators: Vu Tran

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