Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative
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The Storyteller of Love

Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative

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April 27, 2024

Legosi entered the wedding jewelry market in 2023, blending luxury with personal storytelling. The brand draws from customers' stories and emotions, seeking to infuse these personal narratives into its jewelry designs. In partnership with Door Creative, Legosi is crafting an identity that melds modern luxury with the intimacy of personal tales, navigating the luxury space with a desire to create jewelry that resonates with significance and beauty.

Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative

Legosi aims to transcend the typical jewelry brand identity, striving to be recognized as a symbol for those who view love as an intricate art form. With its evocative tagline "Người kể chuyện yêu" – translating to "A storyteller of love" – the brand seeks to captivate couples with discerning tastes, offering not merely jewelry, but emblems of their unique love stories.

Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative

The essence of Legosi is captured in its logo, inspired by the rice grain, symbolizing luxury intertwined with Vietnamese culture. This design, with its soft curves and high stroke contrast in the typeface, aims for minimalism, allowing the brand’s ethos of love and connection to stand at the forefront. A secondary, framed logo version is designed for better visibility in complex backgrounds.

Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative

The visual identity of Legosi brings together serif and sans serif typography, a color palette of soft blues, beiges, and accents of gold and navy, all aiming to blend tradition with modernity, sophistication with romance. Centered layout and decorations of wildflowers and double borders aim to echo the elegance and luxury of the brand, while its romantic photography style seeks to visually narrate the depth and beauty of love stories.

Legosi new logo and visual identity X Door Creative

As Legosi continues to grow, it's an opportunity to observe how this identity evolves, further embedding itself into the fabric of the brand, reflecting its journey in the luxury jewelry market and its aspiration to resonate more deeply with those it seeks to serve.

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Vietnam Market Entry
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November 2023
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Project Execution
Creative Direction:
Nguyên Trần
Brand Design: Nguyên Trần
Copywriting: Vy Quách
Photographer: Tâm Phạm
UI/UX Design: Nguyên Trần, Hoàng Phạm
Brand Marketing Strategy: Vy Quách
Account Manager: Tâm Phạm
Project Manager: Tước Phan

Portfolio Execution
Graphic Design:
Edward Nguyễn
Content Writing: Sally Nguyễn
Photography: Tâm Phạm

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