Innisfree new logo, visual identity, and packaging
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Innisfree new logo, visual identity, and packaging

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March 25, 2024

Innisfree, a K-beauty brand founded in 2000, offers natural cosmetics and promotes healthy beauty through the use of eco-friendly products. Its high-quality skincare products are famous for using all-natural components like green tea, volcanic clusters, and mugwort from Jeju Island. Innisfree entered the Vietnamese market in 2016 and has become a familiar name. The number of flagship stores has grown to over 20 across the country, and its products can also be found at many local retailers and online shops. In 2023, they unveiled a new logo and visual identity for Innisfree, as well as the slogan "Effective, nature-powered skincare discovered from the island" to reflect the company's daring, revolutionary spirit.

Innisfree's new main wordmark

Combining two logos into a square represents the gate to Innesfree's new island, a mysterious place in the middle of a blue-green sea where undiscovered resources and natural power await. The new green color and wordmark are designed to complement "The New Isle," the core component of the rebranded visual identity and it's new product lines.

New elements of Innisfree's visual identity
New elements of Innisfree's visual identity

The term "Innisfree" is well-known in the cosmetics and beauty markets, with more than 20 years of heritage; therefore, it can serve effectively as a wordmark for the brand. The original idea for the name came from "William Butler Yeats." Lyrically, "The Lake Island of Innisfree" describes a person's desire to escape the chaos of city life and settle down on a peaceful island where they can take pleasure in nature's beauty. in the same context as Jeju (Innisfree Island). The new wordmark, which features a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, aims to express a positive and confident image while also emphasizing the need to value and accept diversity in terms of aesthetic appeal. To emphasize natural energy and active ingredients, the brand has switched from its traditional forest green to a brighter, more distinctive shade of green that will be used across all packaging, in-store displays, and other promotional materials.

The evolution of Innisfree's logo over time
" The brand identity has been changed to reflect the brand's new vision, which is to create healthy beauty by exploring nature's infinite energy and to continue to take on new challenges with vigor." An Innisfree official

With this rebranding, Innisfree seeking to set the trend as a global natural beauty brand, not just in Korea.

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