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Pebsteel new logo and visual identity X Rice Studios

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Established in 1994, Pebsteel is a globally-renowned company, headquartered in Vietnam, specializing in Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) and Steel Structures. Over 27 years, it has evolved into a leading provider in over 50 countries, offering a broad range of services and products that go beyond just steel structures. As of today, Pebsteel has successfully aided in the completion of over 6,000 buildings. By championing better-engineered spaces, Pebsteel positively impacts businesses and individuals around the world, striving to set a new industry standard with their safe, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

Pebsteel logo animation.
Pebsteel logo animation.

Recognizing the rapidly evolving and intensely competitive landscape of the pre-engineered building market, Pebsteel acknowledged the need to enhance its market standing and brand appeal. To this end, they enlisted the expertise of Rice Studios to refresh their brand identity and strengthen their global presence. This partnership marked a significant step to bolster their market position. The challenge was to articulate the brand's essence - the 'what', 'how', and 'why', to a global audience - a challenge Rice Studios eagerly embraced. As a result, in March 2022, Pebsteel showed off its fresh look to the world, highlighting its firm commitment and ambition to be a global leader. This rebranding is more than just a new look. It emphasizes Pebsteel's focus on growth and staying adaptable, especially in a market that keeps changing. They're ready to evolve along with industry trends and meet the changing needs of their clients worldwide.

The challenge was to articulate the brand's essence to a global audience.
The challenge was to articulate Pebsteel brand's essence to a global audience.

An integral part of this rebranding was a slight adjustment to the brand name. The new name, "Pebsteel," is a merger of "PEB" and "Steel," now written as a single word without any uppercase letters. This clever modification broadens the company's scope beyond just pre-engineered buildings. Moreover, this update aids in establishing a consistent naming system for all their products, such as PebWall® and PebHybird®, creating a cohesive branding across their diverse offerings.

The evolution of the Pebsteel's logo.
The evolution of the Pebsteel's logo.

At the heart of Pebsteel's revamped brand identity is its logo — a sleek, wide geomatric mark of two bars placed directly above the brand name, which is now written in modern sans-serif type. The logo invites multiple interpretations, each one underscoring Pebsteel's commitment to growth and innovation. For instance, it could represent two steel bars coming together to form a structure, a metaphor that goes straight to the essence of Pebsteel's business. Alternatively, it might evoke the image of a warehouse roof, giving a respectful nod to Pebsteel's original logo from 1994. Moreover, the logo effectively illustrates Pebsteel's new tagline, "Building Tomorrow, Today," with the two bars symbolizing the present and the future, both pointing upward as a symbol of ongoing growth and development.

The brand-new Pebsteel logo.

Pebsteel's rebranding also included a shift in its visual identity, particularly in typography. They transitioned from a mix of styles to a clean, modern sans-serif font—likely Helvetica. This straightforward and functional typeface was chosen for its versatility and its ability to streamline international communications. As for the color scheme, Pebsteel chose to honor its heritage, continuing to use a trustworthy blue as the primary color, supported by white and black. The ongoing use of blue underscores the brand's commitment to excellence in the construction industry, a color often linked to trust and professionalism—both vital traits for success in this field.

Workers of Pebsteel wear blue uniforms.
Workers of Pebsteel wear blue uniforms.

The rebranding of Peb Steel extended far beyond a logo and visuals change. Guided by the concept of "Building space for greatness," the transformation affected every aspect of the brand, including the team, buildings, livery, and products. This extensive transformation added a unique touch and cohesive vibe across all of Pebsteel's brand touchpoints, enhancing the brand's distinctiveness. Along with this, an updated verbal identity led to fresh brand messaging. Which effectively communicated what makes Pebsteel unique across print and digital media, further strengthening the brand's purpose and standout features in the market.

The new Pebsteel's creative editorial design.
The new Pebsteel's creative editorial design.

“The rebrand is an important milestone for Pebsteel. After 27 years of development, Pebsteel reaffirmed its leading position as a total solution provider for pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures. The company has updated the logo to demonstrate its efforts to evolve and move towards prosperity with its customers, partners, and employees.”

Sami Kteily, Executive Chairman of Pebsteel

The new Pebsteel logo is proudly displayed on the factory facade in colossal size.

All in all, the global, modern style of PebSteel's new identity exemplifies an effective redesign for maximum impact. The logo's simplicity and adaptability make it versatile across various platforms, from uniforms and signage to large formats on factory facades and even digital and social media. With its new identity, PebSteel is equipped to navigate the future and fortify its position as a trusted and esteemed global leader in the Pre-engineered Buildings industry.

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