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Vietcap new name, logo and visual identity X Rice Studios

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June 5, 2024

Established in 2007 as Viet Capital Securities (VCSC). Vietcap is a leading financial services firm with a rich 16-year history in the Vietnamese market, known for its remarkable growth and client-centric philosophy. Recognizing a need to align with a more future-facing vision while honoring its rich heritage, Vietcap embarked on a transformative journey in 2023. Collaborating closely with Rice Studios, the institution endeavored to breathe fresh life into its brand identity, setting the stage for the subsequent chapter in its enduring narrative.

Central to Vietcap's mission is the empowerment of individuals from all walks of life to cultivate wealth. The firm's expertise lies in delivering advisory-driven financial solutions tailored to both retail and institutional clientele. However, over the years, Vietcap identified a dilution of its brand strength, largely attributed to its association with various names and its striking similarity to its sibling brand, Viet Capital Bank. Both brands have overlapping identifiers—including name, logo, and a shared color palette of red and blue. This is a common approach in the financial sector, but it leads to a generic identity for sibling brands that potentially disconnects from its customer base.

The evolution of the Vietcap logo over time.
The evolution of the Vietcap logo over time.

To address these challenges and create a distinct, resonant brand identity, Vietcap embarked on a strategic rebranding initiative in collaboration with Rice Studios. The revamp introduced innovative elements into the visual identity, reflecting a contemporary, unified, and bold brand character, with the new vision, "A World of Investment: Opportunities for Financial Freedom and Growth," at the center. 

Beginning with the decision to change the brand name to 'Vietcap,' which ensured ease of pronunciation in both English and Vietnamese, increasing brand recall. Furthermore, this name was chosen because of its inherent resonance with both domestic and international investors, particularly those in institutional circles, and because it embodies the firm's promise to serve every client with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Viet Capital Securities has changed its name to Vietcap.

"In the past, the industry has referred to Vietcap by several names including Vietcap , VCI, Viet Capital and Viet Capital Securities. These various iterations have caused confusion among our clients both domestically and internationally. The new name Vietcap will address this issue directly through a more unified and modernized identity."

Vietcap press release

The Vietcap symbol is always pointing up!
The Vietcap symbol is always pointing up!

Another significant departure from its previous identity, Vietcap chose to retire the old Phoenix mark in favor of a new logomark that is both memorable and expressive. As we can see, the new logo is a bright green abstract triangle that is always oriented upwards to represent endless "growth." This iconic arrow head designed to resemble a distinctive mark that represents Vietcap's unwavering desire for positive market trends and growth in every customer interaction, not only distinguishing Vietcap from its competitors but also reinforcing the brand's futuristic outlook as well.

Typography also plays a critical role in Vietcap's new visual identity. 'FK Grotesk Neue' was chosen as Vitcap's main typeface—a sans-serif font designed by Florian Karsten. This typeface is known for its functionality and clean presentation, qualities that echo Vietcap’s ethos of simplicity and universality. It’s particularly effective in conveying information, suitable for everything from large titles to the minutiae in financial graphs, embodying the brand's bold, straightforward, and global approach.

The RGB color model used in stock tickers inspired the brand's colors, a nod to the brand's deep roots in the financial industry. The logo's color is particularly notable; it uses a vibrant shade of green, which is the most desired color among investors, and is paired with classic black, creating a primary color palette that exudes both energy and professional elegance.

The green in the logo is so distinct that it is replicated in print using fluorescent ink, adding an extraordinary visual dimension that further distinguishes Vietcap in the marketplace.

Color scheme for the new Vietcap brand identity.
Color scheme for the new Vietcap brand identity.

And by adhering to the RGB color model, Vietcap has strategically incorporated its legacy colors of blue and red as secondary elements, enriching the visual narrative, particularly in practical applications such as charts and data representations.

Vietcap's rebranding represents a significant step forward in its journey, aligning the brand identity more closely with its core philosophy and services. The extensive rebranding not only addresses previous branding issues, but also positions Vietcap more strategically in the competitive financial services landscape. Indeed, this comprehensive rebranding effort has been a critical step in Vietcap's transformation from a traditional financial securities entity to a forward-thinking leader.

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