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Vietcap new name, logo and visual identity X Rice Studios
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Vietcap new name, logo and visual identity X Rice Studios

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June 30, 2023

Established in 2007 as Viet Capital Securities (VCSC). Vietcap is a leading financial services firm with a rich 16-year history in the Vietnamese market, known for its remarkable growth and client-centric philosophy. In 2023, Vietcap embarked on a transforming journey, Joining hands with Rice Studios to redefine its new brand identity and begin the next chapter of the firm's narrative.

The main logo animation of Vietcap.

Vietcap's mission centers around empowering anyone to grow wealth. The firm specializes in advisory-based financial solutions for both retail and institutional clients. Despite its successful journey, Vietcap identified a dilution of its brand strength due to its association with various names. Moreover, the previous identity of Vietcap closely mirrored the sister brand, Viet Capital Bank, sharing the same name, logo, symbol, and red and blue colors. This approach is common in the financial industry but often leads to a generic identity that might not connect with customers.

The evolution of the Vietcap logo over time.

Recognizing the need for a distinctive and cohesive brand identity, Vietcap geared up for a strategic rebranding process with the assistance of Rice Studios. This rebranding initiative aimed to address the previous challenges by introducing new elements to the visual identity that conveyed a bold, simple, and universal personality. The new name 'Vietcap' was not only easy to pronounce in both English and Vietnamese, which boosted brand recognition, but it was also carefully chosen for its familiarity among domestic and foreign investors, particularly institutional ones.

Viet Capital Securities has changed its name to Vietcap.

"In the past, the industry has referred to Vietcap by several names including Vietcap , VCI, Viet Capital and Viet Capital Securities. These various iterations have caused confusion among our clients both domestically and internationally. The new name Vietcap will address this issue directly through a more unified and modernized identity."

Vietcap press release

Updated digital apps and icon feature the new Vietcap logo.

Next for the logo - Vietcap discarded the old Phoenix mark, introducing a modern and straightforward logo design. This mark has become the most significant element of the new identity, an aesthetically balanced abstract triangle symbol perpetually pointing upwards, mirroring the core idea of 'growth'. The upward-facing symbol reflects the brand's aspiration for customer interactions with Vietcap. 

The Vietcap symbol is always pointing up!
The Vietcap symbol is always pointing up!

In terms of colors, the logo is colored in the brand's signature Lime Green shade - a color adored by investors. This unique Lime Green color is coupled with the timeless sophistication of black to form the primary color palette for the new brand identity, striking a balance between vibrancy and professional elegance. Understanding the practical need for additional colors in charts and data representations, Vietcap thoughtfully reintroduced its legacy colors of blue and red as secondary elements. These colors not only add visual depth and variety to the brand's overall aesthetics but also help enrich the visual data narrative.

Color scheme for the new Vietcap brand identity.
Color scheme for the new Vietcap brand identity.

Sticking to their bold, simple, and universal approach, Vietcap chose 'FK Grotesk' - a sans-serif typeface designed by Florian Karsten - for its new typography style. This functional, clean font style is elegant and professional, making it perfect for large titles, documents, and editorial work. Plus, it's legible for small text in charts and financial graphs.

The new typographic typeface and styles used for Vietcap publications.

Viietcap's new visual identity is bold, simple, and universal.

The rebranding of Vietcap signifies a substantial stride in its journey, aligning the brand identity more closely with its core philosophy and services. The comprehensive revamp not only rectifies previous branding concerns but also positions Vietcap more strategically in the competitive financial services landscape. We are looking forward to providing more updates in the future as additional information becomes available.

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