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Viet Capital Bank latest logo and visual identity
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A Phoenix rose from the ashes

Viet Capital Bank latest logo and visual identity

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Last updated on
June 11, 2023

Founded in 1992, Viet Capital Commercial Joint Stock Bank has spent over 30 years creating trust with customers, workers, shareholders, the community, and other stakeholders as a small and medium-sized bank. Since 2011, the bank has gone through a significant transformation, changing its name from Gia Dinh Bank to Viet Capital Bank, and a number of major projects have been implemented to increase market competitiveness, such as the Core Banking project, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and so on.

Viet Capital Bank phoenix mark
Viet Capital Bank phoenix mark

After 2016, the bank "reinvented" itself further with the goal of being an innovative, multi-functional retail bank catering to consumers, in particular individual customers and customers. organizations of a relatively modest size and scope. Viet Capital's founding principle was to promote growth from within by investing in its people, expanding their skillsets, and modernizing its infrastructure through technological advancements. useful, secure, and bringing banking closer to clients.

Tellers' workstations at Viet Capital Bank

Brand name
Viet Capital Bank
Financial Services
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Vietnam Market Entry
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Brand Refresh
Release date
August 2017
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Viet Capital Bank
latest visual identity

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