BVBank new logo and visual identity
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BVBank new logo and visual identity

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June 11, 2024

Ban Viet Bank (BVBank), established in 1992, recently embarked on a transformative journey, culminating in a significant rebranding initiative. Over three decades, BVBank developed a solid presence in the financial market, consistently enhancing customer satisfaction. This evolution reached a pivotal moment on December 1, 2023, with the introduction of a new logo and brand identity, marking a strategic shift towards becoming a customer-oriented, modern, multi-functional retail bank, focusing on individuals and small and medium enterprise customers.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

The history of BVBank is marked by a decade of remarkable growth and transformation, especially since 2016. With the strategic goal of evolving into a modern, multi-functional retail bank, BVBank expanded its network by half in just five years and saw an average annual increase of 50% in new customers. This growth phase included a series of rebranding efforts, starting from Gia Dinh Bank to Ngân hàng Bản Việt Viet Capital Bank, and the implementation of major competitive projects like Core Banking, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking.

BVBank logo history

The drive for rebranding emerged from the competitive market context, with BVBank aspiring to become an accessible, approachable entity. The rebranding aimed at aligning with its goal of prioritizing individual customers and small and medium enterprise clients. The transition to a more memorable and convenient brand identity was a strategic move to enhance recognition and recall among customers.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

The decision to adopt the new name "BVBank" stemmed from the need for a concise, easily recognizable name. This change reflects a global trend among financial corporations to utilize short, memorable abbreviations and logos for better customer engagement and recall.

The logo redesign was a significant aspect of BVBank's rebranding. The new 3D block logo, composed of three interconnected triangles, represents BVBank's commitment to its customers. This logo design reflects the bank's focus on its stakeholders and its forward-looking approach, embodying the promise of "We start from you" and symbolizing growth and development with customers.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

In line with BVBank's rebranding, the bank's visual language has also undergone a significant transformation, especially in its choice of brand colors and typography. The brand colors have been refined to emphasize blue, reducing the focus on red, resonating with BVBank's ideology of creativity, trust, and connectivity through technology. This color scheme reinforces the bank's commitment to innovation and its role as a reliable and progressive financial partner.

Additionally, the rebranding of BVBank is highlighted by its choice of the Halcom Font Family, a modern sans serif typeface inspired by the geometric styles of the 1920s, particularly the iconic Futura. Its design overlays perfect geometric shapes, with each character and corner meticulously refined, resulting in a font that is both modern and geometric, yet simple and reader-friendly. Halcom’s versatility and functionality embody BVBank’s dedication to modernity and precision, mirroring its forward-thinking ethos in every facet of its visual identity.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

BVBank's visual identity transformation extends across all its operations. The redesign includes updates to the bank's digital presence and physical manifestations, like the front signage of offices and business units. This comprehensive visual overhaul, while extensive, was implemented without disrupting the bank's operations or customer transactions.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

Looking forward, BVBank is set to continue its growth trajectory, aligning with its vision of being a modern, multi-functional retail bank. The bank is committed to enhancing its product offerings, customer services, and operational network. This includes initiatives like expanding the Digimi Plus automatic banking network and launching customer-focused applications, demonstrating BVBank's dedication to evolving alongside its customers.

BVBank new logo and visual identity

In conclusion, BVBank's rebranding represents a strategic, customer-centric approach to modern banking. The new brand identity, with its modern logo and visual elements, signifies BVBank's commitment to growth, innovation, and customer connection, paving the way for a promising future in the financial sector.

BVBank new logo and visual identity
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