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Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters new logo, visual identity and packaging
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Minimalism is privilege

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters new logo, visual identity and packaging

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June 17, 2023

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters, established in 2016, is a specialty coffee brand with a mission to promote and serve the best Vietnamese arabica coffee. With minimalism rising in popularity, Bosgaurus adopted this approach to reflect their brand values, embracing the art of removing unnecessary elements and focusing on the essentials.

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Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters new wordmark system

Since day one, Bosgaurus has pursued minimalism in various aspects such as store space design, product orientation, and most recently, the brand identity. They introduced a flexible wordmark system as their logo, which allows for versatility and different applications while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic. By eliminating excessive details and returning to a simple black and white color scheme, Bosgaurus aims to emphasize their long-standing commitment to realizing the dream of Vietnamese coffee culture. Continuously streamlining every workflow, from the farm to customer service, Bosgaurus preserves and develops its core values, creating a sustainable journey through cups of coffee that contain the most human values.

Minimalist exterior signage for Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters
Minimalist exterior signage for Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters

In 2019, Bosgaurus implemented the new wordmark and identity for select brand touchpoints. In 2020, they launched "Arabica In Bottle," a new line of freshly brewed coffee products featuring packaging design based on the new identity. The product photography was executed with the help of Minism concept photography, further highlighting the minimalist approach.

Bosgaurus "Arabica In Bottle" brewed coffee products
Bosgaurus "Arabica In Bottle" brewed coffee products

The minimalist transformation not only enhances Bosgaurus' brand image but also elevates the customer experience. By focusing on simplicity, the brand effectively communicates its dedication to offering the finest Vietnamese coffee while staying true to its roots.

Minimalist coffee shop interior
Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters minimalist interior

The rebranding and packaging redesign align with Bosgaurus' three core values: people, work, and change. These values guide the brand's commitment to fostering relationships, delivering professional service, and embracing sustainable development. Bosgaurus' minimalist approach to branding and packaging, along with the flexible wordmark system, showcases the brand's ability to adapt and evolve while preserving its unique identity and value system.

Bosgaurus' three core values: people, work, and change
Bosgaurus' three core values: people, work, and change.

As Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters continues its journey, the adoption of minimalism in branding and packaging, as well as the versatile wordmark system, serves as a testament to the brand's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and its celebration of Vietnamese coffee culture.

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