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AGRIBANK new Logo and identity was designed In-House
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Simplifying the golden rice emblem

AGRIBANK new Logo and identity was designed In-House

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June 11, 2023

AGRIBANK also named Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, was established in 1988, it's the largest commercial bank in Vietnam by total assets and is known for policies that support farmers. In 2014, Agribank's leaders decided to slightly modify the logo by reducing the decorative details, a new logo but still retaining its past.

Agribank logo closer look
AGRIBANK logo closer look
Original previous Agribank logo sketch by author Dương Hồng Khánh,
The Original AGRIBANK 1990 logo sketch by author Dương Hồng Khánh - source
Perspective of AGRIBANK TuyenQuang - source
Being aware of the role and importance of branding is the foundation to enhance the image, position, and competitiveness. This change makes AGRIBANK's brand image more beautiful, more professional, in line with the general trend of dynamic and modern development, retaining its own identity that today banks are aiming for.

From AGRIBANK official Facebook page

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Financial Services
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December 2014
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