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Hoàng Dũng new logo and identity X Xolve

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Grow in the Sunlight

Hoàng Dũng new logo and identity X Xolve

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Last updated on
June 23, 2023

Since 1990, Hoang Dung has provided support for farmers, disproving the idea that fertilizers are inherently harmful to the environment and showing that co-prosperity is indeed possible. For three decades, the company has been producing, importing, and selling organic goods to customers. Hoang Dung aimed to broaden their appeal by targeting a younger demographic and charging higher prices. Working with Xolve, Hoang Dung established a new brand from the ground up, including positioning, identity system design, product application design, and communications.

Logo analysis for Hoàng Dũng

At the centre of the new identity, the brand mark has been designed to be as flexible and adaptable as possible for its many different applications, with an interplay of shapes. The negative round shape on the top left corner alludes to the sun, which works seamlessly with the projection-like pattern below – the bevelled slashes embody sunlight and growth, with a touch of dynamism and liveliness. In addition, the configuration of the brand name creates a right angle, presenting the firm standing as a pedestal for customers’ success.

Hoang Dung Case study

For the new visual system, a contrasting, eye-catching color scheme has been used. The major brand colors are red and yellow, with cooler and more neutral tones like green, purple, blue, and grey acting as complementary colors. The major brand typeface is Archivo. When combined with other graphic elements, it gives a sense of modernity, dependability, and a small amount of confidence.

Creative Designs for Hoàng Dũng Fertilizer Packaging


Creative Director: Khoa Huynh | Project Manager: Linh Phan | Brand Designer: Thanh Binh, Thao Anh Le, Quynh Ai | Illustration: Thao Anh Le | 3D Visualization: Khoa Huynh, Quynh Ai | 3D Motion: Khoa Huynh, Quynh Ai | Photography: Jackbabe, Quynh Ai | Copywriter: Thanh Ngoc | Assistant: Khanh Linh

Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy
Hoàng Dũng's visual identity and design awards
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Brand name
Hoàng Dũng
Founded year
Vietnam Market Entry
Origin country
Project context
Release date
August 2021
Signature color
Hoàng Dũng
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