Every Half Coffee Roasters new logo and visual identity X NAR8
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Every Half Coffee Roasters new logo and visual identity X NAR8

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June 11, 2024

Started as a personal brand in 2016, Every Half Coffee Roasters transitioned to a company in 2021 and has since expanded to three locations in Saigon. Known for its unique approach to coffee and unwavering commitment to finding the best cup of coffee for each customer, the coffee roaster embarked on a rebranding process led by NAR8 during its transition in 2021. The result was a unified and robust brand identity that captured the essence of the brand and resonated strongly with both the millennial and emerging GenZ generations.

The different logo lookups for Every Half Cofeee Roasters.

Every Half Coffee Roasters is far from your average café. It's a haven for people to work, read, or socialize, all while savoring a meticulously brewed cup of coffee. The founder believes that drinking coffee parallels a relationship, where every bean has its soul mate. The quest to find the best cup of coffee is deeply personal and driven by warmth, openness, and love. The rebranding process began with research and discovery, given the brand's unique model in the Vietnamese coffee market. Understanding the target audience—millennials and GenZ—and their preferences was crucial, as was emphasizing the unique coffee experience and the original flavor of the coffee bean in the brand positioning.

The incorporation of typography and visuals into brand messaging was excellent.
The incorporation of typography and visuals into brand messaging was excellent.

The visual identity was redesigned to reflect the new branding strategy, drawing inspiration from a Chemex coffeemaker, which symbolizes the intriguing feeling of the aromatic coffee heat touching one's face in the melodic rhythm of each coffee drop. A standout element of the brand is the vibrant violet color that brings all elements to life and creates a cohesive look. The typography was thoughtfully crafted, using various styles ranging from light to heavy, as well as outlines and uppercase fonts. This blend of elements united the seemingly opposing concepts of clean geometric architecture and organic humanist warmth. Although primarily intended for display and editorial purposes, the typography's accessible forms ensure comfortable reading even at smaller text sizes.

The Chemex-inspired logo mark and violet color scheme harmonized as a visual identity for the brand.

The logo was made simple and neat with a touch of round curves to maintain the overall sleek-yet-friendly appearance. Cleverly incorporating the letter "V" from "Every" and the letter "A" from "Half," the logo created a unique mark of the Chemex. Two logo versions were developed to ensure flexibility across different mediums: one with the full name and a shorter, squared version with the letters "EVHA."

There was a lot of Every Half branding on the uniforms and cups.
Every Half branding was prominently displayed on the uniforms and cups.

The brand's imagery and style were rooted in illustrations related to various coffee bean flavors, exuding a daring attitude with a touch of unexpected dreaminess. These illustrations were skillfully combined with a warm, open, and loving yet professional tone of voice, emphasizing the unique flavor of each bean and the overall coffee experience. This visual language was prominently displayed on uniforms, menus, packaging, posters, and social media, effectively engaging and guiding customers with the brand.

Examples of Every Half artwork depicting different coffee bean flavors
Examples of Every Half artwork depicting different coffee bean flavors.

The redesigned menu featured clearly structured information, enabling customers to easily order and learn about each drink or bean. Additionally, a trust fund bean taste card was introduced for frequent customers, adding a personal touch to their visits and further enhancing the brand's appeal. This thoughtful attention to detail in both design and messaging significantly enriched the customer experience, making Every Half Coffee Roasters a memorable and unique destination for coffee lovers.

menu and brand consistency at Every Half Coffee
menu and brand consistency at Every Half Coffee.

The environmental design also played a significant role in the rebranding process. The interior team infused the brand's cool spirit into a modern environment, incorporating unexpected elements for an intriguing ambiance. Store fixtures, such as mirrors and signs, were transformed with fresh new looks, while bean artwork was installed using available materials, blending harmoniously into the space.

The atmosphere of the Every Half coffee shop

All in all, the rebranding of Every Half Coffee Roasters highlights the importance of a cohesive brand image and visual language. By focusing on the brand's unique aspects and catering to the target audience's preferences, NAR8 successfully crafted a memorable customer experience that sets Every Half Coffee Roasters apart from its competitors. As the brand continues to grow, its dedication to finding the perfect cup of coffee for every customer will undoubtedly remain at the core of its identity.

Beyond Every Half coffee roasters' quest for the best cup of coffee.

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Creative Director: Trung Nguyen | Art Director: Huy Nguyen | Creative Strategist: Trang Ká | Graphic Designer: Huy Nguyen, Tommy Nguyen, Huy Vo, Linkk Nguyen, Sally Luong | Illustration: Tommy Nguyen | Account: Jun Nguyen

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